It always seems unbelievably busy the week we return after a half term, probably because it is!  I have been so impressed with the outstanding efforts of pupils this week: Miss Gallagher informed me that Year 7 pupils have once again excelled, with Eleanore Burns, 7M, Mary-Jane McLaughlin, 7W and Niamh Williams,  7C, all gaining the Library Bronze Reader award.  The leader board for most achievement points currently shows Olivia Williams, 7A in 3rd place with 67, Ruby Meyrick, 7H in 2nd place with 81 and in joint 1st place Lily Webster, 7S and Heidi Doherty, 7H with an incredible 84!!  Well done to all of these pupils for their amazing and continuing efforts.

I mentioned the ‘Chatterbox’ competition in MFL a few weeks ago, where pupils are rewarded for the use of spoken French and Spanish in lessons. The pupils have been working exceptionally hard and have shown the potential to become fantastic linguists! The results for the competition are now in…who are the winners?  All will be revealed later in the week!

Mrs Parry told me that Rachel Thorpe, 8C2 has been busy hand-knitting poppies in aid of the Poppy Appeal.  She has already sold over 30 and has a list of orders she is busy trying to fulfil.  She came up with the idea herself and the poppies are proving to be a real success with both staff and pupils.  Well done Rachel; that is a fantastic effort!

There were lots of shields and swords in evidence this week as Year 7 acted out the Battle of Hastings in History.  Jack Steele actually made his own wooden sword and shield which was fantastic, as it must have taken him a very long time! Well done Jack.

Miss Thurgood-Parkes showed me the work pupils have done for ‘The Big Draw’. The theme was 'Inside Out' with the students experimenting and expressing emotions using line, colour, collage and paint. Well done to all involved; the work is amazing…I believe it was quite messy but well worth it!

Mrs Baylis informed me that four, Year 10 English students (Adam Smith, Rebekah Hall, Jordan Cleary and Anna Darcy) visited the Portico Library on Tuesday 3rd November to take part in the Portico Library's Writing Inspiration Day in preparation for entering the Sadie Massey Young Writer's Competition.  They participated in an interactive workshop led by published author Sherry Ashworth. Together they worked on their writing skills with a particular focus on aspects of character and setting. The workshop was  designed to get the creative juices flowing, giving plenty of time ahead of the Portico's deadline for submissions in January 2016. I was lucky enough to be present last year when the pupils read out their work in the Portico. I’m sure the entries this year will be just as good. I am also hoping to get another invitation to the final please!

Still on the literary front, Mrs Jones told me that Ryan Kryzaniak (last year’s Year 11) is going to have one of his stories published in a paperback and e-book called ‘The Promise and other Stories’, available from Amazon from 16th November. Well done Ryan - that is excellent news!

Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 9 November 2015

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