Band rehearsing for Music ShowcaseI have a lot to comment on this week, so I’d better get on with it!  I have been so pleased with the efforts of pupils this week; I have been given lots of information from the teachers telling me about the fantastic work that pupils have produced.

Mrs Snape informed me that Joe Whitter 8B2, Leon Fairclough 8C1, Leah Else 7G and Abbie Bailey 7A, have worked fantastically well and are ‘Historians of the Week’.  Mrs Whitfield told me the concert band are rehearsing for the Music Showcase in February - songs include James Bond and Pink Panther and can be seen below practising for the performance.

Miss Thurgood-Parkes told me how well the Art GCSE pupils had conducted themselves on their trip to London.  The pupils found the day enjoyable and productive and are now using sketches they did for their GCSE exam unit which started this week. 

Year 11 trip to London

Year 7 have made an outstanding start to life at SEA and staff have given special praise to a number of pupils.  In Art, Olivia Williams has worked exceptionally hard in alllessons and Morgan Mather has shown great determination and a real talent.  In Music, the Year 7 choir have been fantastic this year and are now working towards the Music Showcase in a few weeks’ 

time.  In Geography, Niamh Williams and Ella Halsall have created excellent posters about the Christmas floods for the Geography challenge. In Technology, Natalia Lachovska 7B received ‘Technologist of the Month’ for fantastic effort and dedication to her work all year. In R.E., Matthew Wilde 7C, produced an outstanding assessment about Christmas. In English, Joe Byrne has improved in lots of areas. In Science, Olivia Forshaw has worked extremely hard in her science lessons and has produced some fantastic work. In Computing, Mary-Jane McLaughlin has produced an excellent e-safety project which took her above her end of year target.

Miss Gallagher told me that the MFL department have launched a KS3 Reading Challenge, where pupils read French and Spanish magazines and have a go at tasks to earn achievement points.  A great way of improving their language skills, whilst having fun reading!  Miss Gallagher also updated me on the rewards for Year 7 since Christmas; I must state that I am very impressed!  The new achievement points totals show that Morgan Mather is in third place with 23 points, Ella Halsall is second with 27 points and Niamh Williams is in first place with 42 points.  French and Spanish ‘Chatterbox Champions’ were Gemma Unsworth, Nathan Williams, Niamh Williams, Cassie Brown, James Stout, Alistair Rothwell, Lucy Bolton, Charlie Coffey, Oliver Tracey, Cian Walshe, Rhys Shannon, Leah Else, Elizabeth Davies, Mary-Jane McLaughlin, Ellie Garside and Ethan Taylor.

Niamh Williams 7C, has just achieved the Library Silver award. Tyler Jones 7H, has achieved the Numeracy Bronze award. Mary Jane McLaughlin has achieved a Golden Ticket in Maths for 'Outstanding work in maths, beyond what is expected' from Miss Wilson.  Ciaran Prendergast and Frankie Dean have made excellent progress with their Bookbuzz reading, coming well prepared to the library lesson, with pre-prepared notes about their books.  Ellie Garside has been extremely helpful this year and has really helped Maisy Barnes out around school.  Joshua McHenry has been working well in his lessons and has made big improvements.  Well done to all of Year 7 and those pupils mentioned here; keep up the outstanding work!

On Thursday we held a very successful parents’ evening. I really enjoy chatting to pupils and parents about successes so far and what now needs to be done to either keep those successes going or actions to take to make those key improvements which will lead to success.  I was so proud of the pupils during the evening, not least because they are maturing into lovely young adults who will make a positive impact on the world.

Finally, I attended the North West RL finals day on Saturday to support our Year 9 team who were playing St. Peters, Orrell.  They won 15-10 and were outstanding throughout, I cannot put into words how proud I am of those boys, not because they won, but because of the way they conducted themselves throughout the day and the outstanding attitude they have.  Mr Griffin told me they have been an absolute pleasure to coach all season. They truly were the best that they could be and that makes me very proud!  Thank you to all the parents, Mr Griffin, Mr Bradley and Mr Morgan for your tireless efforts, and Mrs Morgan, Mrs Doolan, Miss Harley, Mr Webster and Mr Bateman, for supporting the team on the day.


Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 18 January 2016

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