Mr Jones told me about a fantastic drama lesson he had been to on Thursday with his year group (Year 8). it was with Mr Bateman's drama class and was called 'The Damsel in Distress'.  All the pupils involved were outstanding and each performance was watched with enthusiasm, punctuated with plenty of boos for the villains and cheers for the heroes. Joe Whitter's ‘dying swan’ routine was  a particular highlight!   It was a great way to end the day and put a smile on everyone’s faces.  Well done Year 8, keep up the good work!Mr Jones drama group

On Wednesday Mr O’Callaghan took a group of Year 7 pupils to Jodrell Bank to a ‘Discover Space’ day.  From the outset, pupils were in awe of the size and complexity of the radio telescope. Pupils were able to take part in workshops where they learnt about life on the International Space Station, had the opportunity to work with robots and investigate how solar panels work on the Space Station. Pupils also explored the universe and galaxies inside an inflatable planetarium. All pupils' behaviour was outstanding and they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Miss Gallagher updated me with this week’s best achievement points: Abbie Bailey in 3rd place with 21, Abbey Brown in 2nd place with 22 and Mia Seddon in 1st place with 25.  There were 11 pupils who achieved the ‘Gold’ BfL award: congratulations to Lily Webster, Katie Murray, Olivia Forshaw, Mary-Jane McLaughlin, Grace Atkinson, Molly Bibby, Lucy Robertson, Sophie Barton, Fleur Sandbach, Gemma Unsworth and Niamh Williams.  Tyler Jones 7H, achieved the Bronze Numeracy Award, Jacob Blears 7B, achieved the Silver Library Award and Niamh Moss, Katie McGrath and Alicia Burgess have been extremely organised in their library lessons this week.  Well done Year 7; the outstanding efforts are going from strength to strength. Keep it going!

Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 25 January 2016

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