Mrs Baylis gave me some brilliant news on Thursday about our ongoing collaboration with the Portico Library in Manchester.  Some of our pupils are among the winners of this year's Portico Sadie Massey Awards. For book reviews in the 9 - 13 category, Jasmin Pierce and Ella Vernon (Year 8) were winners, along with Adam Smith in the 14 - 18 category.  Also, Jordan Cleary was awarded a first place and Adam Smith a third place for their entries to the writing competition. The winning participants will receive a certificate, a book token and our school will have the opportunity for a visit from a well-known, local author who writes for children and young people.  Fantastic efforts from both Mrs Baylis and the pupils - congratulations to everyone involved!

Mr Jones and Miss Myler informed me how well Year 8 pupils have been achieving during term 2.  The following pupils have displayed outstanding behaviour for learning (BfL) across all fourteen subjects:  Matthew Eaves, Eleanor Williams, Toby Wood and Chloe Stowell.  Jodie O’Neill and Kate Naylor should be highly commend: they have made the equivalent of 9 BfL levels of improvement compared with term 1b.  Also to be highly commended are pupils who are the ten, most-improved pupils in Year 8 according to their BfL grades:  Jodie O'Neill, Kate Naylor, Charlotte Herring, Isabelle Farrimond, Rachel Harwood, Toby Wood, Lewis Mullins, Matthew Eaves, Tyler Pilling and Ella Vernon.  These pupils have shown an improvement of seven or more BfL grades!! Congratulations also to Robyn Lind, who has achieved the best average BfL in Year 8!  She has achieved thirteen BfL grade 1s.  Well done Robyn, keep up the great work.

Miss Gallagher is giving end-of-term 2 awards to Year 7 pupils this week; so many Year 7 pupils are producing outstanding work; it truly is brilliant to see.  Congratulations to 7M who are top of the achievement points chart with 1058.  Also to Danielle Halsall and Joshua McHenry who are in 3rd  place in the individual points, Lily Webster and Harry Jackson are in 2nd place and Niamh Williams and Tyler Jones are in the top spot.  The form with the lowest behaviour points was 7O with only 14; simply outstanding! There are also 90 pupils with no behaviour points - it is a pity I can’t mention them all here, but what a fantastic effort. Congratulations to them all.  Special mentions to Ella Halsall 7C and Gemma Unsworth 7C for achieving their bronze numeracy awards, Ella Halsall 7C and Eleanore Burns 7M for achieving their silver library awards, Molly Horton 7G for achieving a bronze library award, Joe Byrne, Abbey Brown, Eleanore Burns, Daniel Eden and Joshua McHenry for achieving a Spook Teaching workshop award. The coveted prize was a signed book by the author Joseph Delaney.  Ashling Toner, Aimee Styles, Abbie Bailey and Sadie Scully have raised £50 for Cancer Research, outstanding work to all involved – well done, I am very proud of you all!


Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 18 April 2016

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