We had all the Year 7 and Year 11 photographs taken this week. The pupils look so smart at the start of the school year; I hope all pupils can keep this very high standard up all year.  We had a break from the usual convention this year, with the Year 11 Year photograph taking place on the school fields.  The backdrop of all the trees looked really good, so we are all hoping the photograph turns out really well so we can continue to have it on the school fields in future years.  

The Year 7 pupils started their 'away days' this week and just by chatting to them as they came back at the end of the school day, I know they had a great time and really got to know each other better.  Hopefully this will set them all up to have a brilliant year and lay very strong foundations for their time at St Edmund Arrowsmith.

Year 8 pupils have made a fantastic start to the 2016-2017 academic year. Pupils have started the year with excellent attendance (97%) and have already obtained a staggering 1159 achievement points! 8B lead the achievement points leader board with an impressive 148 achievement points and 8W lead the attendance leader board with a remarkable 100% attendance. The pupil achievement point leader board is already very impressive; 1st place Amelia Barrett with 10 achievement points, 2nd place Cavan Davies and Adam Dawber with 9 achievement points and in 3rd place Abbey Brown with 8 achievement points. Well done to Year 8 for all of their efforts! 


Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 19 September 2016

Category: Headteacher's blog