I can’t believe how quickly the first three weeks of term have gone by; we have already had many instances of fantastic work!

On Thursday, the Year 8 Challenge was launched to all Year 8 students by Miss Gallagher. Every half term, pupils will be presented with a new challenge and the first challenge will take place between now and the October half term -  just four weeks for pupils to rise to the challenge! Pupils are required to really get involved with all aspects of school life and there is a mini iPod up for grabs for the most successful participant!

The criteria for this half term is listed below: 
•    At least 96% attendance
•    2 lates - or less
•    Working towards bronze achievement point badge (35 points)
•    5 behaviour points or less
•    Respect card (4 things right and no more than 2 things wrong) 
•    BFLs (1, 2, 3)
•    Form time participation (form teacher decision)
•    Participation in the wider school community (at least two activities)

In the Summer Term a trip to St John Rigby College has been arranged in order to reward all successful students for their hard work and efforts throughout the whole of the challenge.  Good luck Year 8, can you rise to the challenge?

Mrs Crompton told me she was really pleased with her Year 9 class this week, particular Scarlett Thomas-Moore and Harrison Smith who both produced fantastic line graphs.  The class had to produce graphs to display their scientific results after investigating different types of thermal insulation. The pupils were challenged by having to plot five sets of results on one line graph. Scarlett and Harrison worked very hard on this task and Mrs Crompton was able to use their graphs as exemplars for the other pupils to follow.  Fantastic work, well done.

Miss Ashurst, told me that Molly Marcroft 7G has won ‘Work of the Week’ in Transition for her first piece of writing in English. She wrote a lovely piece about why her mum is special to her. Well done Molly!

Mr Denton informed me that Megan Varley produced a fantastic explanation of the main causes of World War I and the steps leading to war following the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This week Year 9 took part in some dynamic learning and they made classroom trenches. A great start has been made by all of 9Y3. Keep it up 9Y3!

Year 8 pupils have continued to impress this week! Pupils have maintained their excellent attendance (97%) and have earned a staggering 1006 achievement points in one week alone! 8B have earned the most achievement points this week with an impressive 127 achievement points and 8M lead the attendance leader board for week three with a superb 99.2% attendance. The pupil achievement point leader board continues to impress for this week; 1st place Jack Steele 8C with 14 achievement points, 2nd place Aimee Styles 8A with 12 achievement points and in 3rd place Lucy Bolton 8W  with 11 achievement points. Well done to Year 8 for all of their efforts! 


Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 26 September 2016

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