Our former Head Girl, Kate Watson called into school this week after completing her three-month volunteer placement with a charity in Nepal.  It was great to see her and hear about all the fantastic work she has done with people less fortunate than ourselves; we are all very proud of her!

Miss Darbyshire told me about the ‘Just Join in Event’ which our Additional Needs pupils went to on Thursday at the Soccerdome.  It started off with a big welcome ceremony before all secondary schools that attended where split up and sent off to specific football pitches to commence their activities.  The morning session consisted of all pupils developing their football skills within a round-robin structure. This opportunity also enabled them to make new friends from other schools as well as show off their football ability.Additional Needs visit Soccerdone

After dinner, pupils took part in a football tournament which allowed them to apply all the skills they had developed into a game situation.  “Even though we did not finish at the top of the league, I have had a really good time with my friends” quoted Miss Mollie Marcroft from 7G.

However, the day did not end there.  At around 2pm, the pupils had a surprise visit from a couple of Wigan Athletic players, Will Grigg and Michael Jacobs, which ended their day on a high, as all the pupils got to play on the pitch with the stars. Well done everyone, what a brilliant day!

Mrs Baylis told me that Owen Shaw (11S1) has made excellent effort and had a brilliant attitude in his English lessons since starting Year 11 - well done Owen, keep up the good work!

As always, Miss Gallagher updated me on Year 8 pupils, advising me that they have worked very hard this term. Pupils have an impressive 97% attendance and have collected 1904 achievement points in one week alone! Brilliant work, Year 8! 8M lead the achievement point leader board for the final week with an exceptional 283 achievement points - very impressive 8M!  8C have 100% attendance for the final week of term which is a superb achievement, 8C you are excellent role models for other pupils at St Edmund Arrowsmith! 8B, 8H and 8M have no lates this week which is brilliant - well done to all of these forms!

The Week 7 individual pupil achievement point leader board is equally as impressive. Congratulations to all students below!

Pupil Leader BoardA huge congratulations to the following students who successfully completed The Term 1A Year 8 Challenge. 

8A Ashling Toner, Joshua McHenry, Ethan Smith, Aimee Styles, Abbie Bailey, Maria Evans, Aryce Rayo, Olivia Williams, Rebecca Law and Lucy Lever

8B Natalie Lachovska, Charlie Coffey, Lucy Bradbury, Matthew Wooley and Katie Quinn

8C Kate Kilbane, Isobel Banks, Ella Halsall, Niamh Williams, Katie Chesworth, Alex Hargreaves, Zoe Hilton, Lewis Taylor and Gemma Unsworth

8G Mia Seddon, Leah Else and Cameron Ridyard

8H Frankie Dean, Aleyah Stockley, Molly Critchley, Nathan Else, Tyler Jones, Heidi Doherty, Adam Johnson and Joshua Moore

8L Jack Adamson, Lucy Arnold, Grace Atkinson, Jack Clark, Ethan Cooke, Olivia Forshaw, Michael Glynn, Matthew McGuire, Katie McGrath, Maisie Rafferty and Caitlin Morgan

8M Katie Davies, Nathan Williams, Patrick Harrison, Holly Walker, Alison Travis, Molly Rigby, James Kearney, Harvey Brooks and Rhys Shannon

8O Katie Murray, Adam Dawber, Abigail Dittman, Erin Cook, Fleur Sandbach and Ben Lewis

8S Katie Murray, Adam Dawber, Abigail Dittman, Erin Cook, Fleur Sandbach and Ben Lewis

8W Emma Middlehurst, Mary-Jane McLaughlin, Abbie Rutherford, Lucy Bolton, Teddy Mfuni, Amelia Barrett, Isobel Olurankinse, Alyssa Parker and Sophie Booth

Fantastic work Year 8, keep it up next half term, I hope to see even more names making it to the Year 8 Challenge board!

Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 31 October 2016

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