Miss Harley told me Year 7 have had an excellent week!  Attendance was 95% and the pupils received 1049 achievement points, with 7C achieving the most at 146!  Some brilliant efforts individually as well. The top three girls were Emily Goldthorpe, 7A with 19, Nieve Graham, 7A with 22 and Layla Thorpe, 7C with 23.  The top three boys were Charlie Davie,s 7C with 9, James Lee, 7A with 13 and Callum Fitzgerald, 7A with 23 - fantastic effort girls and boys - keep it up!  Well done to Hannah Lancashire, 7B, Mollie Edwards, 7G, Matthew Ode, 7B and Isabel Millington, 7G who achieved the Library Bronze Award; excellent work!  

Mr Cassidy told me that 7X2 produced excellent work this week on their diffusion experiment.Mr Cassidy's class

Year 8 have worked really hard this week and have an excellent 98% attendance, an improvement from last week! They have also collected a total of 891 achievement points as a year group; well done Year 8! 

8A have scored the highest number of achievement points (152), have achieved the best attendance (100%) and are the only form who have not received a late mark this week. A huge congratulations to Mrs Alvarado's form.

The individual pupil achievement point leader board continues to impress and we have lots of new entries this week:
Mr Halliwell, Miss Gallagher and I are extremely impressed with the Year 8 BFLS and students have been awarded the following awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze) for their efforts.

A great week;  keep up all the good work!

BFLS Leader BoardPupil Leader Board

Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 21 November 2016

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