On Friday we invited pensioners from all eight of our primary school parishes to come and celebrate an early Christmas meal with entertainment put on by the pupils.  From the comments and lovely Christmas cards I received afterwards, they all had a brilliant time! I know I often say how proud I am of our pupils, but I really am so proud of them!  Let me give you a little example: our Year 9 pupils wanted to put their faith into action by raising money for this event so that it could definitely go ahead.  Some pupils offered to serve our guests their food and drink, whilst others practised different dances for weeks to provide the entertainment.  They combined their efforts in the month before this by going round to each form selling raffle tickets etc. and raised enough money to cover the cost of the event. They are a credit to themselves, their families and the school.  Well done to everyone involved and thank you.

Miss Harley told me Year 7 have had an exceptional week again, with 1096 Achievement Points collected and only 27 Behaviour Points! That is fantastic Year 7, well done! Top girl achievers were Millie Jarnell 7M – 32 (wow!), Sophie Dittman 7B – 19 and Olga Markiewicz 7S – 18.  Top boy achievers were Lewis Harrison 7C - 20, Vuyo Maninjwa 7G – 19 and William Murphy – 18.  Congratulations to all pupils, keep up the good work!

Miss Gallagher has again been very impressed with Year 8 pupils who have worked exceptionally hard in the penultimate week of term. Pupils collected 742 achievement points, with 8BForm Teacher Nominations collecting 172 of those achievement points on their own. Congratulations to Miss Ashurst's form! Individual pupils worked very hard this week: in third place is Tyler Jones 8H – 20, second place Lotte Hendriksen – 22 and in first place is Charlie Coffey 8B - 24 achievement points! Congratulations to all pupils! 

The following students have been nominated by their form teachers for their efforts this term. Congratulations to all students!

The Term 1B Achievement Point Challenge concluded this week and the leader board is as follows.Overall Term 1B Individual Achievement Points 

Congratulations to Charlie Coffey who wins the mini iPod 1st prize and Tyler Jones, Aimee Styles, Ashling Toner and Gemma Unsworth who win the festive treat runner up prizes! 

Congratulations to ROAR Graduates 2016 and ROAR Club Members - they received their 'ROAR Badges'. 

Look out for the the Year 8 St John Rigby College Challenge which will be coming in 2017!!! Can YOU rise to the next challenge?

Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 19 December 2016

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