We had a first for St Edmund Arrowsmith this week. We were informed Harriet Olurankinse achieved the highest mark in the country in her GCSE Geography, out of nearly 50,000 entries! When you consider all the entries from all types of school in the whole of the UK, this is a remarkable achievement.  We are all incredibly proud of Harriet! (See latest news section)

We had a meeting of the newly launched PTA on Thursday and it was great to see so much enthusiasm from parents with great ideas for how we could raise much-needed funds for school improvement.  The first decision was to start a ‘200 Club. We will write to all parents in the next couple of weeks to see if we can get 200, willing to pay £1 a week - the letter will explain how it will work.

Miss Harley told me that Year 7 had another excellent week with 96% attendance and 603 achievement points with special note to 7L who achieved 124; fantastic effort Y7! Pupils’ individual achievement points are equally as impressive: for the boys in 1st place was Joseph Walmsley, 7B with 16, 2nd was William Murphy, 7B with 11 and in 3rd was James Ackers, 7S with 10. For the girls and in 1st place was Jessica Maloney, 7L with 24, 2nd was Poppy Jones-Gerring, 7L with 23 and in 3rd was Jody Hough, 7G with 8. Excellent work Y7 - keep it up!

Miss Gallagher continues to be impressed with Year 8 pupils.  8O have worked extremely hard and lead the achievement point leader board with 127 points - congratulations to Mrs Hollins' form. 8W have worked very hard and have accumulated 0 behaviour points -congratulations to Mrs Halliwell and Mrs Hill's form. 8A lead the attendance leader board with 100% attendance - a fantastic effort - well done to Miss McCabe's form. Both 8M and 8S have a zero late record - congratulations to Mr Taylor and Mr Whitfield's forms.

Individual students have worked exceptionally hard this week and we have some new entries to the individual achievement point leader board. In third place is Toni Hankey, 8G and Adam Dawber, 8O with 11 points. In second place is Joshua McHenry, 8A and Gemma Unsworth, 8C with 12 points. Finally, in joint first place are Niamh Williams, 8C and Jodie Latham, 8L with 13 points. Congratulations to the aforementioned students for their efforts!

Keep working hard on The Year 8 St John Rigby Challenge - just four weeks to go! Remember the mini IPod reward and the possibility to go on the St John Rigby trip! 

This next section is written by Krystyna Szczerba (Year 10) - On Friday 13th January, the author Martin Griffin, also known to his fantasy audience as Fletcher Moss, came into school to teach English Y10 Set 1 about the finer points of story-writing. The students learned how to write a story that is well developed and interesting, yet would still fit within the 1500 word maximum, a figure that originally seemed quite daunting to reach, yet, as it turns out, significantly limits the detail a writer can include. They learned what a good story of that length consists of, and how to go about writing one, as well as common mistakes made by writers of their age and how to avoid them. Although, apparently, the best piece of advice available on the matter is simply to start writing, and as many writers indeed seem to agree, to begin is the hardest part. Learning about this from someone who is both a professional author and an English teacher turned out to be very useful. This lesson is sure to prove valuable, as the deadline for entries for the Portico Library's Sadie Massey award is in March. 

Well done Krystyna for a wonderful piece of writing and good luck to all pupils entering into the writing competition.


Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 24 January 2017

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