We had our Section 48 Archdiocesan inspection on Wednesday and it went extremely well. I will write to parents with the report as soon as I receive the official copy.  Thank you so much to the parents who responded to the questionnaire for the inspection, I was extremely humbled in reading the comments you made. Our home-school partnership is the bedrock on which this school is built and something I  truly treasure.

I went to the World Club Challenge with our former Deputy Headteacher Mr Eyes over half term and it was great to see him looking so well, and with Wigan winning the game with two ex-St Edmund Arrowsmith pupils (Oliver Gildart and Joe Burgess) scoring all the tries for Wigan – it was a great day!!

Year 8 have made a good start following our half term break. Collectively this week they have gathered 656 achievement points. A special congratulations goes to Ben Mannion, Cameron Ridyard, Benjamin Van Mierlo and Haillie Lyons, who all collected over 10 points from their subject teachers this week. Well done!

Mr Denton told me that his history class, 7G, put on superb dramatic re-enactments of medieval crimes, trials and punishments this week. They had gruesome stories from Peter, Matthew, Vuyo and Josh about a thief who was punished by their hand being cut-off! They also had a gentler but equally harsh punishment for a baker who baked bad bread. Dominic, William and Oliver acted out the baker being humiliated in the streets with bad bread tied around their heads. Katie, Isabelle, Ellie and KaitlynPupils with homemade stocks showed how murderers faced a judge and then execution by hanging. Finally, there was a superb representation of stocks being used to punish a villain after they were taken by a constable to face a manorial court. Kelsey, Kira, Louise, Catherine, Caitlyn, Katie and Rachel even brought in some homemade stocks and some fruit to show what a real punishment would look like! The girls also made the point that all punishments could have been unfair to women because only men were ever on juries or could be judges. Well done to all involved, I think I’m going into this class next week as it sounds like great fun!

Continuing the History theme, Mrs Snape told me that the following pupils have five achievement points for February's history challenge: Olga Markiewicz 7S, Jessica Maloney 7L, Poppy Jones 7L, Charlotte Cunliffe 7C and Jodie Latham 8L.  Mr Linton has awarded pupils in 9X1 historian of the week certificates for their in-depth presentation on life in Nazi Germany. They are: Heather Tully Bolton, James Woods, Rachel Thorpe, Kieran Evans, Sam Morris and Isabelle Farrimond.  Brilliant work historians, keep up the effort!

Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 6 March 2017

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