On Tuesday and Wednesday we held two brilliant evenings for our pupils to perform at our Music Festival - they were fantastic!  I am really looking forward to the final one this Wednesday when the singers get their chance.  We held a very successful Year 8 parents’ evening on Thursday and it was great to chat to lots of parents. I look forward to more opportunities to discuss our pupils during the rest of the year.

Mr Reardon told me that Year 8 have had another great week, with teachers recognising all the hard work that the year group has put in, with the achievement point total reaching 670. A particular congratulations has to go to 8W this week, for having 100% attendance and recording no behaviour points. Well done! A great group effort. In terms of individual achievements, Aryce Rayo has topped the leader board with 13 points, followed closely in second place by Jacob Blears. Excellent work boys!

Easter eggs for raffleMrs Landor told me that her room is being rapidly overtaken with raffle prizes!  Year 9 are busy fundraising throughout Lent for the Year 9 charity and for the Good Shepherd Appeal. 9C1 are selling tickets for a Mother's Day hamper, which includes some fancy stationery and smellies! This will be drawn on Friday 24th March. The Year 9 IMPACT group are selling tickets for a chocolate raffle, with multiple prizes available (one pictured). This will be drawn during the last week of term.  All tickets are 30p each, or you can buy a strip for £1. Representatives will be visiting forms to sell tickets, or pupils may purchase them from Mrs Landor in RE2 at break and lunch.  Keep up the great work Year 9!

Miss Foster told me that her Year 9 class have produced some great work this week.  The first image shows an outstanding storyboard about the eruption of Mt St Helen's by Chloe Cunniffe. Storyboard about the eruption of Mt St Helen's

The second is an excellent presentation about solar energy from Elizabeth Crean in Year 8, plus the rest of her group. 

Miss Gallagher told me that our pupils have produced some outstanding work this week. Congratulations to the Term 2A Chatterbox Champions on their fantastic efforts in French and Spanish lessons. If students appear twice (on the list below) this means that they are both the French AND Spanish Chatterbox Champion - quite an achievement! Certificates and prizes have been awarded to the successful students.

Year 7 - Aiden Delane, Jake Reece, Joshua Cunningham, Lewis Hocknall, Harrison Clarke, Alysha Parr, Nathan Taylor, Robert McNestry, Elise Fairclough, Alex Dean, Benjamin Scott, Reece Jeremy, Annie Burnham, Corey Doherty, Louisa Rigby, Aaron Bennett, Gabriella Brown.  

A house representing solar energyYear 8 - Christian Rowland, Alyssa Parker, Kieran Parker, Rhys Shannon, Libby Wilson, Christian Rowland, James Kearney, Tyler Jones, Molly Rigby, Katie Murray, Jacob Blears, Joshua McHenry, Oliver Tracey, Katie Murray.  

Year 9 - John Donachie- Ashcroft, Josh Robinson, Ellie McGarry, Onais Semourson, Joel Bird, Kavan Rothwell. Year 10 - Ben Ewins, Adam Lavin, William Hewitt.  

Fantastic effort, keep up the excellent work!

Miss Gallagher has also been working on the St John Rigby Challenge with our Y8 pupils and the following pupils have completed it. Great work by all, I hope you enjoy your day at St John Rigby!

8A – Aimee Styles, Joe Ravenscroft, Rebecca Law, Sadie Scully, Olivia Williams, Keagan White, Lucy Lever, Declan Murphy, Erin Taylor, Ethan Smith, Libby Wilson, Aryce Rayo, Kate Walmsley, Ashling Toner, Joshua McHenry, Libby Harrison (16)

8B – Cian Walshe, Lucy Blinkhorn, Declan O’Shaughnessy, Charlie Coffey, Lotte Hendriksen, Dominic Shaw, Cameron Hunt, Matthew Woolley, Ella Brown, Lillie-Mae Shaw, Kieria Ogden, Lucy Bradbury, Louis Roughsedge, Poppy Foster, Cassie Brown (15)

8C – Niamh Williams, Isobel Banks, Ciaran Prendergast, Isabelle Asquith, Zoe Hilton, Gemma Unsworth, Katie Chesworth, Kate Kilbane, Michael Griffiths, Anna-Kate Ayre-Seal, Emily Corfield, Ella Halsall (12)

8G – Matthew Duffy, Haillie Lyons (2)

8H – Aoife McMahon, Aleyah Stockley, Joshua Moore, Molly Critchley, Adam Johnson, Heidi Doherty, Nathan Else (7)

8L – Christian Rimmer, Jack Clark, Maddison Halliwell, Joseph O’Connor, Jessica Jones, Katie Rogerson, Lucy Arnold, Jodie Latham, David Ozga, Grace Atkinson, Maisie Rafferty, Niamh Harrison, Matthew McGuire, Michael Glynn, Katie McGrath, Jack Adamson, Niamh Moss, Caitlin Morgan,  Ethan Taylor, Olivia Forshaw, Ethan Cooke, Christian Rowland (22)

8M – Alison Travis, Katie Davies, Harvey Brooks, Molly Rigby, Elizabeth Davies, Patrick Harrison (6)

8O –  Phoebe Parkinson, Katie Murray, Robert Chatterton, Erin Cook, Oliver Tracey, Abigail Dittman, Adam Dawber, Fleur Sandbach, Katrina Clarke, Harvey Owen, Alicia Burgess, Daniel Eden, Ellie Ruane, Jack Ainscough, Megan Gregory, Molly Bibby, Matthew Williamson, Keelan Doherty, Amelia Costello, Ben Lewis, Ben Reynolds (21)

8S – Ethan Piper, Lucy Robertson, Dion Latham, Abbie Lundy, Emily Chesworth, Lily Webster (6)

8W – Amelia Barrett, Isabelle Aaron, Mary-Jane McLaughlin, Abbie Rutherford, Scarlett Porter, Morgan Mather, Emma Middlehurst, Lucy Bolton, Alyssa Parker, Jack Edwards, Olivia Cowley, Isabella Farrimond, Harrison Freeney, Isabel Olurankinse, Cavan Davies, Adam Chesworth, Sophie Booth, Jenson Beentjes, Ethan Dickson (19)

126 Participants in total! A fantastic achievement! 

The overall winner was:

Ciaran Prendergast  

Congratulations to Ciaran for his effort and enthusiasm! 

Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 13 March 2017

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