Mr Dumican with year 11sI had the privilege of attending the Year 11 Leavers’ Ball at Rivington Barn on Friday night and it was fantastic! It was great to see a record number of Year 11 pupils attending and having a great time. There was a lovely atmosphere and they all looked amazing!  The staff at Rivington went out of their way to tell me how well behaved the pupils were and the very friendly atmosphere everyone created.  I am so grateful to Mr Cullen and Miss Hampson who did an incredible job in organising the event - goodness know how many hours they spent with the preparations, (we were all presented with personalised sunglasses at our tables!) but all the hard work was worth it.  I am also grateful to all the staff who attended, as they wanted to share the evening with this great year group. It just shows how much the staff care about our pupils.  I hope this year group look back upon their time in our school with great fondness and affection; it has been a pleasure to have them in our school.

We have had so many examples of brilliant pupil work over the last couple of weeks, I will do my best to fit them all in!

Mr Reardon told me that a number of Year 8 students have really stood out last week with ten pupils amassing six achievement points or more over last couple of days. A special congratulations goes to Matthew McGuire in 8L who got the most this week with eight. Miss Mahon's form received the most overall with 60. It has also been a good week for 8O, they have now also made it two weeks in a row with no late marks. Keep up the good work!  
It was great to see so many Year 8 pupils contributing to the St Peter and Paul mass. The year was very well represented when it came to altar servers, readers and members of the choir. 
In the classroom, 8Y1 produced some excellent presentations on different aspects of Judaism; the amount of hard work that went into each talk was very impressive. 

As a year group, the pupils amassed over 320 achievement points this week. 8M contributed the most to this total, with 76. An impressive week was made even better by M in the fact that they also recorded 100% attendance. A great effort!

Mr Morgan told me that the Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh expedition went really well last weekend, with all pupils completing the expedition.  The pupils were exceptionally well behaved and really enjoyed the whole experience.  Thank-you to Mr Morgan and all the staff who helped out over two weekends. We simply could not run the award without the help of staff willing to give up weekends to give the opportunity to our pupils - it is very much appreciated.

Mrs Snape told me that Aimee Styles, 8A (for excellent responses in her viva assessment) and Josh Hunter, 7B (for researching his family tree) have won ‘Historians of the Week’. Well done Aimee and Josh; keep up the excellent work. 

Mr McGreavy gave me a story by Joshua Littler (Y7) entitled ‘The Breach’, which was absolutely superb - well done Joshua!

Mr O’Callaghan told me that 7M have worked really hard this week selling ice pops at lunchtimes for the Year 7 charity. They managed to raise £70! Well done!

Mrs Bailey told me that in part of the Year 7 food course, we have a ‘Great Eddies Sandwich off’! where pupils design a sandwich and compete against each other in the presentation of it. They must include one ingredient from each section of the Eat Well Plate.

The images show some of the creations from 7S.

The Tea Stand belongs to Lucy Towey
Angry Birds Sandwich to Lilly Gallagher
Sandwich Kebabs to Lilly Hughes


Year 7 sandwichsYear 7 cakesYear 7 make sandwichs


These are just some of the many reasons why I am so proud to be Headteacher of this school community!


Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 3 July 2017

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