The IT technicians have informed me that we have already had over 400 downloads of our new school app ‘My Ed’  - which is fantastic! If you haven’t downloaded it on to your phone yet can I please urge you to do so, it is the surest way to be kept informed of everything going on at the school.

Mr Reardon told me that Year 9 pupils have been working very well this week and have more than tripled the amount of achievement points they got last week by amassing an impressive 864 points! An individual congratulations should go to Charlie Coffey who contributed the most to that total this week with 12. Miss Mahon's form have really stood out the last few days as every student recorded 100% attendance and had no late marks. A great achievement. Keep up the good work!

Mrs Outterside told me that Year 11 pupils have also made a great start to their second week back in such an important year. Attendance has been very good and the year group figure is 98% - well done Year 11. It is impressive to see that 11M2 have 100% attendance this week - congratulations. 11L1 and 11M2 have been extremely punctual and all students in both forms have arrived on time! They set the example for other students in the year group. An impressive number of achievement points have been collected this week, 467 in total, with 11C1 collecting the largest amount. The top three individual pupils are as follows; Josh Wilde in 3rd place, Warren Paladino in 2nd place and Charlotte Gothard in 1st place. Congratulations to forms and individual students! Finally, 11A1 have collected the lowest number of behaviour points this week - well done to Mr Kennedy's form! Keep up the great work Year 11 and look out for more updates on the Year 11 Twitter Feed @SEA_Year11.


Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 20 September 2017

Category: Headteacher's blog