I had the privilege of attending the Archdiocesan ‘Faith in Action’ awards in Leyland on Thursday evening, where Archbishop Malcolm gave out the awards.  I was so proud of our pupils who take such an active role in their faith by trying to help others, congratulations to Aaron Howarth, Krystyna Szczerba, Antonia Rout, Hannah Sutcliffe, Abbie Rooney, Lucy Halliwell, Mia Seddon, Niamh Williams, Robert Morris, Niall Williams, Poppy Matthews and Emily Halliwell.

It has been a brilliant week for outstanding pupil work!  Mrs Outterside told me that Year 11 are well and truly settled into their final year. With the focus of Term 1 being preparing students for their time after Year 11, Personal Statements are now complete and pupils have started to build their own CV.  Attendance and punctuality are key in such a fast moving year, well done to C2 who had 100% attendance this week and L2 and M2 who have been very punctual this week with no lates!  Individually, James Forshaw gained the most achievement points with 17, followed by Adam Lavin with 10 and Cerys Stockton and Warren Paladino in joint 3rd place with 8. Well done to you three! When looking at the achievement points break down this week I was delighted to see that Patrick Hewitt, Fern Hindley, Ellie Hughes, Warren Paladino and Bethany Smith have all been recognised as being 'highly motivated.' Also, James Forshaw and Nic Wareing gained achievement points for having an excellent/positive attitude. Well done for setting the right example to the rest of your year.

Mr Reardon has been really pleased with Year 9 who have continued their excellent start to the year. For the second week in a row they have scored over 850 achievement points collectively. And again for the second time in two weeks, Charlie Coffey leads in terms of achievement with a further 12 points this week. A fantastic start to the year! Students in form C and W have both shown real commitment this week with every student having 100% attendance.

Last week we enjoyed our regular Cake and Classics session in the library and were delighted to welcome a number of new members from Year 9. Our latest book to discuss was our 'summer read' of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. The novel is a tale like no other, I must admit I did shed a few tears when reading it!! Listening to the pupils thoughts about the book and how it affected them reminds me once again how fantastic our pupils are!

We have a local celebrity in our midst!  Emily Halliwell (7G), along with her cousins, slept on the floor of St Aidan's Church in Winstanley in order to raise money for local homeless charities, The Brick and Joshua's Den.  Emily and her friends and family then spent the night 'roughing it' on the cold, stone floor of the church and at 5.30am they woke and moved outside in order to gain some insight into the conditions that the homeless are subjected to. The fundraising event raised an amazing £1500 which will be split between the two charities, fantastic work Emily, well done! 

Mrs Marston-Yim told me that for the last 15 years, she has set her KS3 chemistry classes the challenge of learning Tom Lehrer's elements song.  She thought it was an impossible challenge and offered a £5 award for any student who achieved it. However, during Friday break Luke Flanagan (8Y2) appeared at Lab. 1 and managed to recite (pretty much word for word) this song! Reluctantly Mrs Marston-Yim handed over £5.  He was also brave enough to recite it in front of the science teachers in then prep room and then to me!  Well done Luke, fantastic work.

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