What a busy week this week has been. We held a very successful ‘Open Evening’ on Wednesday with a very high number of prospective pupils visiting our school with their parents. Many thanks to the staff for all their efforts, but particular thanks to the pupils (especially our fantastic prefects) who did an amazing job showcasing the work of the school and showing such pride in being members of our St Edmund Arrowsmith community.

Miss Westwell informs me that attendance in Year 11 has been excellent this week with 98%. 11A1 lead the way with 100% attendance - well done to 11A1. Pupils have also accumulated an impressive 744 achievement points this week - well done to all students who have worked hard in classwork and homework! 11C1 and 11C2 have both collected 160 of these achievement points -congratulations to both forms for their efforts! 11S1 and 11B1 have the lowest number of behaviour points - keep up the good work! Connor Wyatt has collected the top number of achievement points (15), in second place is Ryan Cassidy (14) and in joint third place are Sophie Broome and Thomas Hughes (13). Congratulations!

The following pupils have all been nominated by their teachers for outstanding effort and work both in and out of class. These pupils have been entered into our Leavers Package Prize Draw (at least it isn’t a signed photograph of Mr Cullen this year!!) Isabella Parsons, Jessica Lewis, Louis Walker, Lauren Hoffman, Lauren McGrath, Jack Sheerin, Eleanor Pearson, Molly Pottage, Matthew Witherington, Holly Smith, Mia-Jo Melling, Chloe Parkinson, Olivia Patterson , Caitlin Henderson, Joe Morris, Luke Bullough, Matthew Hynes, Paul Almond, Sophie Broome(x2), Beth Chorley, Katelyn Dardis, Josh Prescott(x2) and Hannah Cunningham.

Mrs Hollins told me her Y11 class were fantastic at learning Macbeth monologues by heart. Although it was very challenging, they had a really good attempt and it developed into a ‘Monologue Battle UK’ between Lucy-Ann Conboy and Emily Barber! It was a dead heat in the end. Other excellent performances came from George Chesworth (who gave a McKellen standard performance), Kegan Brown, Sam Brown and Zac Dawber.

Mrs Outterside told me that Robert Morris (7L) has worked exceptionally hard in all of his French lessons since the start of the year. Robert recently assumed the role of teacher in order to teach his form the formation of the present tense in French! His knowledge and understanding was absolutely outstanding and he communicated this to all members of the class with confidence! His classmates even asked him some tricky questions, which were answered perfectly! Robert has a bright linguistic future ahead of him, well done! Watch out Mrs Outterside he is clearly after your job!

Mrs Kennedy has started to run a lunchtime ‘Languages Club’ and this week the pupils enjoyed learning how to order drinks from a Spanish café. Our Spanish Ambassadors played the role of waiters and waitresses and the pupils chose what they wanted from a menu and managed to order expertly! Thanks to Anabel D'Souza and Isabelle Farrimond for planning and leading the session and to Joel Bird for his expertise in teaching the phrases needed. Charlotte Wadsworth was a brilliant cafe manager and Caitlin Taylor (one of our French Ambassadors) joined in with our Year 8 pupils and brushed up her Spanish skills too! Star Linguist of the session was new member Kian Dunne from 8L, who wowed the Spanish experts with his fabulous accent! I’m definitely going next week!

Mrs Landor made me smile this week when telling me that wedding bells have been ringing as her Year 10 classes visited the chapel to role-play a marriage ceremony! A huge congratulations to the pupils who took part in the ceremonies (some under duress!), it certainly made for some memorable lessons. Who knows,  the matchmaking may come true eventually!!

Mr Reardon informs me that Y9 have been getting involved with all sorts of activities this week. As a year group, they were very well represented at Open Evening. It was no surprise to see two volunteers topping the achievement point chart this week with both Lily Webster and Fleur Sandbach both amassing 19 points. Well done girls! A special congratulations should go to Mrs Alvarado's form (A) for not picking up any behaviour points over the last few days. A great group effort! Nicola Ormshaw (Y9) completed a fantastic GCSE style question on whether Jesus fulfilled the Messianic prophecies in Isaiah 53. Her arguments were clearly explained and fully backed up with references to scripture. Well done Nicola!

Mrs Snape told me that the Historians of the Week were Emily Wilding 10B2 - chosen by Mrs Cole for her excellent effort in GCSE studies and Gemma Unsworth 9C - chosen by Mr Hill for her positive contributions to class discussions.

Finally, can I urge you all to support our former Head Girl, Megan Finnigan, (Everton Football Club) who has represented our country in football and has been nominated for the ‘Women’s Rising Star of the Year’ award at the North West Football Awards. Her England shirt hangs proudly in reception at the school and she was and is a fantastic ambassador for the school. The link to vote is below


Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 5 October 2017

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