We held our annual Certificate Presentation Evening on Thursday, when our former pupils come back to school for the last time in an official capacity to receive their GCSE certificates. It is quite sad knowing it will be the last time I will see them all together, but at the same time I am excited for them and the fantastic opportunities that lie ahead. It was so nice to catch up with them and to find out about their courses at Sixth Form College or how their apprenticeships are going. They were a fantastic year group and we are all very proud of them. Also, I cannot thank their parents enough for being so supportive of the school over the last 5 years; it is very much appreciated.

Year 7 have had a brilliant week this week! Robert Morris and Olivia Armson received the awards for the first half term for outstanding effort, congratulations to you both! You can also see a video of Robert reciting the periodic table song below!



Year 7 forms have been re-enacted the Battle of Hastings in history lessons. All the staff have been very impressed with the quality of weapons which have been made by the pupils (and we presume also their parents) this year! High levels of enthusiasm and engagement in the subject have been evident. A picture of a class and King Harold (Aaron Massingham) and Duke William (Jack Kelly) are shown below!     


Historians of the week are Mrs Cole - Tiziano Volpini (8W) for consistent effort and enthusiasm in lessons, Mr Linton - Estelle Moss (10B2) for achieving Grade 9 on her recent test on the Munich Putsch and Mrs Easton - Michael Isherwood (8A) for demonstrating excellent factual knowledge of the Gunpowder Plot.

Mr Reardon told me that Year 9 have worked hard as a year group this week. They had a first year council meeting on Monday and it was great to see a number of new faces representing their form groups. The form reps showed a great deal of maturity in delivering issues that had arisen in their form discussion. Collectively, the year accumulated over 600 achievement points. The boys have really impressed as they occupy joint top spot on the leaderboard this week. Daniel Eden and Joe Ravenscroft came out on top with 11 points. Great effort boys! This week has also been our best in terms of lates, with four forms having perfect punctuality. Let's keep it up!

Lucy Arnold in 9L attended the National Karate Championships last weekend in Swindon and was awarded a gold medal. She will now be attending the World Karate Championships next year. We are all very proud of her.

Mrs Jones had a wonderful time with her Year 9 English class, writing letters to their future selves. Letters have now been sealed and labelled with an opening date. It was great fun! (for Mrs Jones too!)

Year 11 have had a busy week this week with preparations for mock exams in full flow. Pupils have created their revision timetables, they have started to build on their revision skills during form time, as well as many students attending after school and lunch revision sessions for various subjects. All the hard work from last term, with CV's, Personal Statements and Record of Achievements paid off this week as the Year 11 pupils had the opportunity to take part in a Mock Interview Day. Pupils were able to show their skills and achievements whilst building on their interview techniques in preparation for college interviews. The day was a real success for all students. Here is a snip of some of the feedback:

'I would also like you to thank your Year 11 pupils for their outstanding behaviour and attitude today, in what was an experience out of their comfort zones. Every single pupil I spoke to had very positive feedback ranging from just “good” and they “now know what to expect”, to “great” and a really “big confidence builder”. I can honestly say that the one thing I was not expecting was the level of maturity of each student in relation to their interviewers feedback. To say that I was impressed by them all is very much an understatement.'

Year 11 have had a good week based on achievement points with 207 collected! Nolan Harrison gained the most with 12 this week! Again, we have had a lot of nominations this week from teachers for our 'Leavers’ Prize Draw' :

Lucy Conboy, Madison Owen, Paddy Hewitt, Bob Baker, Jess Collins, Sahra Sancar, Matthew Witherington, Lucinda Hewitt, Joe Hill, Taylor Hughes, Declan Simm, Cerys Stockton, Louise O'Halloran, Daniel Carr, Rachel Monk, Luke Ashton, Bethany Chorley, James Forshaw, Ruby Porter, Jessica Collins, Adam Lavin, Jessica Lewis, Georgia McVeigh, Mia-Jo Melling, Rachael Monk, Gracie O'Gorman, Nicola Shearer, Joanna Smith, Krystyna Szczerba, Max Lucas Joe Pate Nick Wareing, Isabella Parsons, Emily Barber, Mollie Wilkinson, James Forshaw, Matthew Hynes, Louis Walker, Lauren Jones, Rebecca Lee, Lucy Addis, Kane Barrow, Thomas Basset, James Bateman, Niamh Comber, Jack Davies, Kira Downing, Jessica Hall, Georgia Hardman, Hannah Jones, Liam Lau, Mia - Jo Melling, Madison Owen, Victoria Rowe, Sahra Sancar, Giorgia Stuart, Keiron Swannick, Olivia Tyrer, Megan Uniacke, Matthew Witherington, Chantelle Disley, Amy Carroll, Lucy-Ann Conboy, Lexie Harrison.

Here are some of the comments from teachers for reasons behind nominations:

'With work like this, her nomination should mean she doesn't need to panic at the Y11 disco.' 'Exceptionally eloquent in his literature essay.' 'Consistent hard work.' 'For his excellent effort and resilience. He is always helpful (with his peers) and respectful to staff.'

We would also like to thank Joshua Wilde, Fern Hindley, Olivia Carruthers, Ruby McGowan, Victoria Rowe, Jack Sheerin, Sophie Hill and Molly Blundell who attended the School Council meeting this week; their contributions were sensible and mature. Also, a huge thank you to prefects who assisted with Year 11 Presentation Evening on Thursday evening and thank-you to senior prefects, house captains and prefects who have delivered presentations and question and answer sessions in form time this week. Year 10 pupils have found this very useful and very interesting as they begin their own prefect process.

Finally, well done to forms who have pulled together this week. S1 who have got the highest attendance at 98%. L1 and S1 with the least number of behaviour points and C1 with the highest number of achievement point! Congratulations to you all!


Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 14 November 2017

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