We’ve all had an extremely busy week! We have had the Christmas carol service at St Oswald’s on Wednesday - thank you very much to all the staff, parents and pupils involved, it was superb! We also had eight pupils represent the school at the St John Rigby carol concert on Thursday, plus the Y10 ROAR exhibition. On Friday we had the Old Folks Party.  Each event showed fantastic collaboration between staff, parents (and grandparents at the Old Folks Party) and pupils, and shows what makes our school so special. The pupils were absolutely brilliant in all of the events and make us all very proud of them!

Mrs Evans shared a photo of her 7M10 class showing off the origami polygon patterns they made as part of their investigation of triangles and quadrilaterals. They are all really proud of themselves and we are delighted with the quality of their work. They are Peighton Halliwell, Erin Edwards, Jack Aspinall, Evie Mullard and Ben Littler. Keep up all the hard work!

Historians of the Week go to: for Mrs Cole, Jack Kelly in 7S for excellent research skills in a library lesson, for Mr Linton, Adam Johnson in 9H and Nathan Else in 9H, for producing excellent YouTube documentaries for their Treaty of Versailles assessment and for Mr Hill, Molly Marcroft in 8G for an excellent piece of homework on the English Civil War.

Citizenship units of work have also been delivered in Key Stage Three classes this week in the History department and, in Year 8, pupils are forming their own political parties and then holding mock elections. You can see some of Mrs Cole's Year 8 class during their election lesson. The candidate who was elected was Summer Flanagan from 8W. She (and the rest of her party, named the Support Party) are photographed after her victory. Her colleagues were Sebastien Price (8M) and Sam Zullo (80).

Mr Reardon has been delighted with Y9 this week as they have been getting involved with all sorts of activities. As a year group, they were very well represented by pupils who had given up their own time to be a part of the school choir and sing at our Advent service on Wednesday night. It was no surprise to see two of our singers topping the achievement point chart this week with Lily Webster and Aimee Styles both amassing over 20 points. Well done girls! A special congratulations should go to Mrs Alvarado's form (A) for having perfect punctuality over the last few days. A great group effort!

Mrs Outterside has also been delighted with Y11 this week, having collected 292 achievement points which is absolutely fantastic! B1 lead the leader board with 36 achievement points, L2 are in second place with 33 achievement points and A1 are in third place with 31 achievement points. James Forshaw leads the pupil leader board with 20 achievement points, Kira Downing is in second place with 12, and Lucinda Hewitt, Aimee Roberts, Lucy Rooney, Giorgia Stuart and Alannah Webb are in third place with 10 achievement points. Congratulations to B1 who have the lowest number of behaviour points. L2 have the highest attendance at 98.33%. Congratulations to L2 and S1 who have a zero late record!

Jake Southworth represented Wigan in the Panathlon Schools Deaf Football Tournament at Greenbank Sports Academy in Liverpool and not only did he represent the school fantastically well but his team came second in the tournament.  Well done Jake, we are all very proud of you!

Our Languages club have been meeting every Monday lunchtime over the past half term and Mrs Kennedy has been telling me how brilliant they are! Our Senior Language Ambassador, Nicole Billington, is incredible! She regularly helps deliver sessions in French, German and Spanish, helping all our Year 8 pupils by modelling pronunciation and encouraging them in multilingual conversations and roleplays!  Last week, she planned and delivered the most incredible session in Japanese, which delighted our Year 8 and inspired one of them to go and research his favourite Pokemon figures' names using Japanese characters. 

Anabel D'Souza has planned several fabulous sessions in Spanish and delivered them to the Year 8 pupils with amazing confidence. Our very own Ms Asensio came to the session today and commented on how professional Anabel's lesson and resources were. Thank you for all your help and support, Anabel. 

Alex Lynch delivered an amazing session in Polish which she planned and resourced herself. Thank you for sharing such a huge talent, Alex.

Kiera Quinn planned and delivered a superb session on the traditions of a French Christmas, which she researched herself and then gave out a puzzle sheet with a prize incentive. Thank you for all your hard work, Kiera.

Isabelle Farrimond planned a wonderful German session to follow on from Caitlin Taylor's introduction to German. Caitlin has planned and delivered several very impressive sessions and is always on hand to help out when needed. Thanks to both girls, not just for the German input, but to Isabelle for her help with Spanish and to Caitlin for attending regularly and helping out with all languages.

Huge thanks to Natalie Howarth, Joel Bird, Charlotte Wadsworth and Emily Nuolkeow for their regular input to all our sessions,  to Abi Donlon for her help delivering the German session and to Kate Ginty, Charlotte Morris, Maisie McLoughlin and Harry Wallwork for their help at various times during the past half term.

What started out as a club to encourage our Year 8 to continue to study more than one language has quickly turned into a welcome forum for Nicole and our incredible Year 10  to not only develop their multilingual talents, but also to showcase their ability to encourage and support others. I am very proud of all of them and so grateful for their brilliance.

Of course, without our Year 8 members, our Year 10 wouldn't have an audience, so thank you to Vuyo Maninjwa and Will Murphy (who haven't missed a session since September!) and well done also to Robert McNestry, Aaron McNestry, Callum Fitzgerald, Reece Jeremy, Lily Kennedy and Ewan Mullins for their regular attendance and enthusiasm! We look forward to seeing you after Christmas when we have more Japanese and German on the agenda, as well as an introduction to Mandarin, Russian and Thai!!

This week the art department took a group of Year 11 art students to London to sketch and photograph artwork, craft and architecture in Camden and central London. The students also enjoyed their visit to the Tate Modern where one of the exhibitions encouraged the students to swing in groups of three on a series of swings installed at different heights. The artist claimed that this energy could directly change the world, so watch this space!

Miss Westwell has worked tirelessly this half term to ensure that Year 11 pupils are rewarded for all of their efforts. A huge thank you to Miss Westwell for all of her hard work!

Year 11 have also worked tirelessly to impress!

The form with the best punctuality for the half term is 11L2 and the form with the best attendance is 11S1. Attendance and punctuality are crucial to success! Aim for 100% attendance and punctuality for 2018.

Quiz winners are 11S2, congratulations to Mrs McGoldrick’s form for their teamwork and resilience – it is their first form prize win!

Year 11 have collected a staggering number of achievement points since 30th October – 2143 in total! 11B2 have collected the most achievement points - congratulations to Mrs Webb’s form. The individual achievement point leader board is very impressive. In 1st place is Nicole Billington (40), in 2nd place is James Forshaw (32) and in 3rd place is Louise O’Halloran (31). Congratulations to Nicole, James and Louise. Will you feature in the Term 2A leader board?

Congratulations to 11B1 with the best PTS score for the half term and well done to Mackenzie Hilton who is the PTS prize draw winner!

We held two very special price draws this term, a Leavers’ Prize Draw and a Senior Prefect Nomination Prize Draw. Congratulations to Jess Buer and Alicia Davies who were the lucky winners! 

In this last week before Christmas I want to wish you all a very safe, happy and holy Christmas.


Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 19 December 2017

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