We held a very successful Year 11 Parents’ Evening on Thursday evening - it was great to be able to catch up with parents about how well their children are doing in school and how we can help them to progress in some areas.  It was also a little sad and inspirational at the same time, to talk to some parents who have had several children through the school - in one case for the last 12 years - and this was their last parents’ evening at the school! I am in the extremely fortunate position to chat to parents and hear the lovely comments about how much their children have prospered at our school; thank you for your kind words, they are very much appreciated and I found it quite emotional myself!

This week, there has again been many examples of outstanding pupil work.  Mr Reardon told me that Year 9 have continued their good start to our second term, having picked up over 500 achievement points collectively. An individual congratulations goes to Tyler Jones who tops the leader board for the second time this year. Keep up the hard work! A and S forms are leading by example so far this term, as both have perfect punctuality for the week. Well done! A special congratulations this week should go to Mr Taylor's form (M) who finished on 100% attendance this week. A great group effort!

Mrs Outterside told me that Year 11 pupils have collected an impressive 214 achievement points this week - well done to all pupils who have contributed to this extremely high number of points. M1 have collected the highest number of achievement points (31), in second place is C1 (25) and in third place is A2 and S2 (21). Francesca Wasik has collected a fantastic 7 achievement points this week, in second place is Matthew Hynes (6) and in third place is Bethany Smith, Alex Farrimond and Lucy Rooney (5). Well done everyone! 

L1 have the best attendance this week with 98.95% and B1 have the lowest number of lates - congratulations to both forms! 
Finally, well done to all pupils who have worked exceptionally hard this week and attended a range of intervention sessions at both lunchtime and after school! 

Historians of the week are, for Mrs Cole, Nicole Shearer in 11A1 for consistently good effort in her GCSE History studies. For Mr Linton, Katie McKay in 10L2 for achieving two grades above her MAG in her Germany exam and for Mrs Easton, Elisha McGuire and Theo Pearson in 7O for consistently good effort in their History lessons.

Congratulations to all these pupils and keep up the good work.

Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 24 January 2018

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