The week before half term was a very busy one!  Mrs Duncan had the right idea in her science lesson with 7Y1 - they made cakes to represent a rock type form of the Earth.  The class had to explain which rock their cake/chocolate bar was.  Then they ate them!

Historians of the week: for Mrs Ainsworth it was Emily Halliwell in 7G for fantastic research on the Black Death and Melissa Hickey in 7G for excellent effort in classwork and beautiful book presentation.  For Mrs Cole it was Keisha Prescott in 9C for an excellent written assessment on Life in Nazi Germany.

Mr Reardon told me that a number of Year 9 students have really stood out this week, with twelve pupils amassing 10 achievement points or more over last couple of days. A special congratulations goes to Aaron Fitzpatrick in 9S who topped the leader board with 12. Mr Whitfield's form received the most overall with 131. Well done! Miss Mahon's form have finished the half term strongly as they had perfect attendance this week. Keep it up!

On Friday 16th February, led by Miss Westwell, Year 11 pupils celebrated their Term 2A Rewards Assembly. 

Punctuality was the first reward to be given! L1 came out on top with the best punctuality for the term - well done to L1. In second place was M2, in third place A1 and in fourth place S1. Congratulations to all forms for their efforts.

Attendance was next up! S1 won this category with 98.06% attendance for the half term - congratulations to S1. In second place was L2 with 97.84%, in third place was S2 with 97.09% and in fourth place was L1 with 96.78% attendance. Congratulations to all forms for their excellent attendance record, keep it up! 

Year 11 have collected an impressive 1420 achievement points since 9th January 2018; what a fantastic achievement! The form in the lead of this is C1 with 156 achievement points, great work C1. In second place is B2 with 153 achievement points and in joint third place are A1 and A2 with 134 achievement points. Congratulations to all forms for their excellent efforts in both classwork and homework.

Matthew Hynes tops the pupil achievement points leader board with 22 points, in joint second place with 20 points are Nicole Billington and Louis Walker. Congratulations to individual pupils for working tirelessly to impress! 

The PTS scores are impressive once again and the following forms have worked exceptionally hard to meet Miss Westwell’s tough criteria. The figures represent the forms with the highest percentage of pupils meeting this criteria.

• Less than two behaviour points

• More than 90% attendance

• Zero lates

• More than three achievement points.

In first place are S2 and A1 (47%), in second place is L2 (26%) and in third place is B2 (23%).

There are many pupils who have worked hard to stay in the PTS draw and here they are: 

• Olivia Harrald, 

• Lucy Hesketh

• Isabelle Hudson

• Hannah Jones

• Megan Jones

• Max Lucas

• Chloe Parkinson

• Amy Seville

• Nicole Shearer

• Louis Walker

• Caitlin Ashton

• Luke Ashton

• Emily Barber

• Corinna Brown

• Luke Bullough

• Kiera Featherstone

• Adam Lavin

• Eve Nixon

• Pennie Smith

• Ebony Starkey

• Thomas Whittle

• Heather Barnes

• Nicole Billington

• Rose Burnham

• Lauren Hoffman

• Lucas McDonald

• Callum Pike

• Kirsty Garry

• Lauren Jones

• Eleanor Pearson

• Holly Chadwick

• Hannah Clough

• Lexie Harrison

• Joseph Hill

• Abigail Maiden

• Rachael Monk

• Molly Pottage

• Cerys Stockton

• Matthew Witherington

• Kelsey Hilton

• Rebecca Lee

• Ewan Raynes

• Antonia Rout

• Joe Guerin

• Lia Johnson

• Jessica Lewis

• Kian Rogers

• Max Roscoe

• Lewis Ainscough

• Amy Carroll

• Matthew Hynes

• Caitlin Henderson

• Joshua Kearney

• Sophie Robinson

• Jack Sheerin

• Hannah Sutcliffe

• Morgan Young

• Ben Clark

• Joe Hosker

• Owen Massey

• Joe Morris

• Isabella Parsons

• Jessica Pilkington

• Olivia Tyrer

• Abbie Walker

The following prefects have worked exceptionally hard in their final half term of duties and have been nominated by senior prefects:

• Matthew Hampson

• Abigail Fecitt

• Heather Barnes

• Kiera Featherstone

• Lucy Hesketh,

• Jessica Hall

• Luke Ashton

• Holly Smith

• Conor Law

• Amalea Grundy

Amalea Grundy was the lucky prize draw winner; well done Amalea! 

Since 9th January 2018, Mrs Outterside and Miss Westwell have received a staggering number of nominations for the leavers’ prize draw, 147 in total! Congratulations to those pupils who have worked very hard to receive a nomination, or more than one for some pupils! A special congratulations to Olivia Harrald who won the prize draw for this term! A final thank you to all teachers for taking the time to nominate pupils.

Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 27 February 2018

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