We received great news this week from the Mathematical Education on Merseyside Challenges organisation, which is run by Liverpool University.  Jenna Massey has received a Certificate of Merit for the challenge and Matthew Duffy has received a Certificate of Merit for the senior challenge. Rachel Castle has won second prize for the whole of the challenge - an amazing result considering there were over 2000 entries from 117 schools! All three have received invitations to attend a prize-giving evening at Liverpool University.  A great success and celebration of all the hard work from the pupils and the efforts of our mathematics department who support our pupils so well.

Mr Reardon told me that Y9 have worked exceptionally hard this week in our first full week back since the Easter break. As a year group they have picked up more than 350 achievement points and had our highest average attendance of the year so far with two forms (M&O) having perfect attendance. We were lucky enough to have the TenTen theatre company on Wednesday and Thursday. They explored a number of important relationship issues with the students and provided a great deal of food for thought. On an individual basis it was Cameron (9G) who came the top of the achievement leader board with 9 points. Well done! Keep up the good work!

Our ‘Historians of the Week’ are: from Mrs Cole, Rachel in 8G, for an excellent piece of source analysis on plantation life, from Mr Linton, Jake in 7H, for excellent verbal answers in his history lessons and from Mrs Easton, Natalie in 8C, for consistently excellent effort in her history lessons and work.  Fantastic work, please keep it up!

Mrs Outterside told me that Y11 have achieved 97% attendance this week, well done Year 11. You must keep up the good attendance in the build up to GCSE examinations! The year group have collected a total of 52 achievement points this week. C2 are in the lead with 14 achievement points. Olivia (C2) collected the highest number of achievement points this week - well done Olivia! Congratulations to L1, L2 and S1 who have the lowest number of behaviour points this week. S2 are the only form to have 100% attendance, well done to Mrs McGoldrick's form.A1 have the lowest number of lates, congratulations to Mr Kennedy's form.

Keep up the great work Year 11, it will all be worth it! 

Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 27 April 2018

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