Amazing, fantastic, awesome, brilliant - these are just some of the superlatives that were uttered by the audience following our school production ‘School of Rock’ last week!! I received lots of lovely comments and emails from parents, grandparents and extended family who had been to watch our show. In my humble opinion it was one of the best productions we have ever done and the spirit in the cast, staff and parents was quite something to behold. It showcased what makes our school so special: pupils, staff and parents all working together to give opportunities for our fantastically gifted students to shine their talents brightly! None shone more brightly than our head boy and lead part ‘Dewey Finn’ in a mesmerising performance which he kept up for 4 consecutive days - I have no idea how he managed to summon up the energy to do it;  the exuberance of youth!! I am so proud of all the pupils and staff who willingly gave up so much of their time to ensure we had a production we all could be proud of - thank you.

Year 7 pupils have had another couple of fantastic weeks!

Voting took place for Year Council this week and the successful year council representatives are:

7A Mairead, Marni, Ella

7B Isabella

7C Maggie

7G Harriette

7H Henry

7L Harry

7M Erin

7O Tyler, Rosie

7S Macy

7W Billy, Violet

Congratulations to all pupils!

The attendance figure for the week is 97%! Let’s aim for 100% next week Year 7! The following forms have a zero late record for the week; 7B, 7G, 7L, 7M and 7O - congratulations to all forms!

Year 7 have collected a huge number of achievement points this week, 630 in total! The form achievement point leaderboard for the week is as follows:

7M 7C 7A 7G 7L 7S 7O 7H 7B 7W
140 120 66 55 55 52 48 45 35 14


The individual achievement point leaderboard is as follows:

1st Benjamin 7C (16 achievement points)

2nd Logan 7M (13 achievement points)

3rd Chantell 7M (11 achievement points)

Congratulations to Hannah (7C), Maggie (7C), Thomas (7L), Benjamin (7C), Ella (7S), Aaliyah (7S) and Maisie (7W) who received their Bronze Achievement Point badges this week for collecting over 50 achievement points! Continue to go the extra mile and work towards the awards! Bronze 50, Silver 100 and Gold 150.

This week we continued with our weekly quiz, here is the current leaderboard! Don’t forget to ‘swot up’ on current affairs on Thursday evening to climb the leaderboard. Fingers crossed for full marks next week!

  14/9/18 28/9/18 5/10/18 12/10/18 Overall Score
7C 8 8 9 6 31
7A 8 4 9 9 30
7G 7 7 7 7 28
7S 6 7 7 7 27
7O 5 8 6 6 25
7L 7 5 6 6 24
7W 5 7 5 7 24
7B 6 4 6 6 22
7M 6 6 9 - 21
7H 5 6 - 6 17

Keep up the fantastic work Year 7!

Congratulations to the following pupils who correctly answered last month's History challenge. Five achievement points are coming your way!

Connor 8H, Sophie  8A, Alicia 8A, Emma 8A, Grace 8A, James 8L, Grace 8C, Lily 8B, Robbie 8C, Abbie 8G, Ewan 8M, Charlotte 9S, Gabriella 9M, Jacob 9H, Evie 9M, Callum 9A, Nieve 9A, Jamie 9B, Reece 9C, Harvey 9C, Peter 9G, Sam 9G, Oliver 9G, William, 9G, John 9C, Ethan 10L, Josh 10A

Historians of the week were all from Y9 and all awarded for excellent work on their Treaty of Versailles assessments.

Urszula, Edwin, Lydia

Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 19 October 2018

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