A couple of weeks ago we held our annual GCSE Certificate Presentation Evening in the school hall and it was a fantastic evening! It always amazes me just how much our former pupils grow up in those few months since leaving school. It was brilliant to be able to catch up with our former pupils and hear all the things they are getting involved with in sixth form colleges and apprenticeships; I am certain they will go on to achieve great things. It was also a privilege to welcome back to the school a former pupil, Collette Roche, who is now the Chief Operating Officer at Manchester United who spoke of her journey to this highly prestigious post and being recognised in Vogue magazine as one of the Top 25 most influential females in the UK! The audience of staff, pupils and parents were inspired by her words and delighted that ‘one of our own’ had achieved such wonderful success.

Mr Bradley came to see me about the unprecedented success we have had with our Year 8 & 10 football teams. He told me that the Yr8 team’s victory 5-0 against Lord Derby High School (Huyton) was the best performance he has ever witnessed by one of our school teams! The Yr10 team’s victory 2-1 against Helsby High School puts both teams into round 4 of the ESFA competition, a feat we have never managed before! I am obviously pleased about the victories, but I am even more pleased by the way our boys conducted themselves at both fixtures, I received great comments from the other staff and referees about their conduct. Keep going boys; let us see how far you can get!

There have also been fantastic efforts in subjects across the school and I thought I would share with you a couple of examples:-

Mrs Landor's Year 8 classes have started the term by looking at the life of Nicky Cruz, the leader of the Mau Maus who renounced violence and became a Christian. They have explored his life story through reading and discussing the book "The Gangster Who Cried," before summarising his transformation through art. These impressive faces show what Nicky's life was like before and after his conversion, and pupils have demonstrated fantastic creativity to summarise his story on this way.

The pictures are from Callum 8Y5, Lisa 8X3 and Lucas 8Y5.

Mr Killen was also hugely impressed with Alex’s creative response to tattoo art for his Y9 art homework.

Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 19 November 2018

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