Fantastic, amazing, brilliant and superb were just some of the superlatives used by members of the audience after last week’s performance of Annie! As I stood at the front doors of the school thanking parents, grandparents and extended families for coming to watch our school production over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, I could not have been prouder of everyone’s efforts. The comments said to me as people left were heart-felt and sincere, our audiences were generous and thankful in their praise. They knew they had experienced a show that lived up to the great traditions we have at our school of our school productions being something special.

The amount of effort and dedication it takes to produce something so wonderful is mind boggling! Hours and hours of so many people’s efforts to create an environment where our pupils can shine - and they shone very brightly indeed! I love the way our pupils, staff and parents work together to encourage, support and inspire each other to help make the show such a success. I also loved the way every single member of the audience stood at the end of Thursdays show to give our pupils the standing ovation they so richly deserved. I say that it is an honour and a privilege to be the Headteacher of St Edmund Arrowsmith and one of the reasons I say this is because of special moments in our school lives like ‘Annie’.

Posted by Victoria Ruane on 21 October 2019

Category: Headteacher's blog