On Sunday 1 December 2019 our school was invited to perform at the ‘Ashton Christmas Lights Switch On’ by Wish FM.  Two of our Year 11 pupils, Joshua and Patrick performed on the stage and were both superb! Joshua played his guitar and sang and Patrick sang ‘O holy night’.  The boys were a credit to the school and they even had members of the public coming up to them commenting how good they both were!

It seems quite unbelievable that we are now in the season of advent; this first term has felt like it has flown by!  We still have 3 weeks to go until the Christmas holiday and lots of work to do before we get there.  Our Year 11 pupils are currently doing their mock GCSE exams which gives us a good temperature reading about their progress towards their target grades.  The best experience is for the pupils who have prepared really well in their revision and this is rewarded by being at least at (in many cases) above their GCSE target grades.  The information we get from the mocks allows us to target specific interventions based on whether the pupils have genuinely conducted their revision properly and do not understand specific concepts or that their revision has been lacking to the point they could not attempt the questions.  Either way it is a good experience for the pupils and gives excellent pointers for the work needed during the rest of the year


Posted by Plennon on 3 December 2019

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