We held another very successful Year 9 Parents’ Evening in school last night, thank you to all the parents and cares who attended to discuss progress and option choices. It has been a busy few weeks for Year 9 pupils and parents, as last week they were in school to discuss their thoughts on the options process with a senior member of staff and last night they were back again to speak to their subject teachers.

There was a wonderful atmosphere around school last night and thank you to the many parents who stopped and chatted to me about all kinds of things, but mainly about how difficult the option choices are to make, not least because they are so important to the happiness of the pupils in Years 10 and 11. I am sure with all the help and guidance already given our Year 9 pupils will make good, informed decisions.

Could I remind everyone the portal is now open for 2 weeks to enter the option choices and that they must be filled in before we break for half term on Friday 14 February 2020. I have been joking to the pupils that I will choose for them if they don’t make that deadline!

Mrs Cole has told me of the excellent work in the History department over the last couple of weeks and have reward the following pupils with ‘Historian of the Week’ :-

  • Tamara-Marie H (8M), for producing a well-researched and evaluative project on the British Empire.
  • Noah G (7W), for undertaking extra research on the Hindenburg Disaster and
  • Molly G (10W), for achieving a superb result in her Germany exam.
  • Freddie D (9C), for enthusiastic contributions in class.
  • Sienna T (8B), for excellent work on her British Empire project and
  • Bridgette C (10L), for achieving full marks on her Weimar Republic essay.

Miss Hall has told me of the fantastic efforts that have been made in Year 8 during the last week. We are very proud of James (8G), Sean (8H), Harrison (8A), Rhianna (8O), Lois (8O) and Julianna (8C) for their efforts in the Wigan Athletic programme and for their amazing presentations at the DW stadium. A lot of work went in over the last few weeks to prepare for this- well done!

Mrs Kennedy told me that some of her year 8 Spanish class have done extremely well on ‘languagenut’, smashing the school record and moving our school up the ranks!  Amazing work from Gabriella (8L) who gained 344100 points and is now first place. Also fantastic work from Lois (8O), Emily (8W), Tonis (8S) and Harry (8O).

Keep up the good work!

Posted by Plennon on 3 February 2020

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