You will have noticed from my letter to parents/carers on Wednesday last week that we had several parents/carers contacting the school about Coronavirus and my statement that we will be following the advice of Public Health England. I notice over the weekend that the Government are stating that ‘all measures’ must be open to them depending upon how many people get infected with the virus. Please rest assured that if anything does change in the advice to schools, I will inform you immediately of the new advice. I understand the concerns that you have as parents/carers - I am a parent myself, but please do try to remain calm and if you have not read the guidance yet please do so by clicking on the following link.

School continues to operate as normal and we had a great week, with lots of outstanding efforts from our pupils.

Miss Hall told me that Year 8 are continuing to make a good start to the term with over 700 achievement points! Well done Year 8 it would be great if this continued.  Excellent work to 8O who achieved most achievement points- keep up the good work!  8G had zero behaviour points and zero late marks - this is an excellent example to the rest of the year group.  Well done 8A who were the best attenders.  Well done Naomi who got most achievement points this week!

Mrs Cole also told me that the Historians of the Week this week are James Fenerty Furay 9W, for excellent effort in making his Holocaust memorial, Emily Connelly 7L for excellent preparation in her Black Death assessment and Jasmine Rogers 9L for good classwork and thoughtful verbal responses on the Holocaust.

Great work everyone, please keep it up!

Posted by Plennon on 2 March 2020

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