14 June 2018

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to our new head boy and girl for the coming year. As you will see from their comments, the selection process this year was more rigorous than ever! We are certain that John and Kiera will be fantastic ambassadors for our school and will work tirelessly with their deputies and senior prefect team to enhance and showcase what an amazing community spirit we have here at Eddies.

My name is John Donachie-Ashcroft and I am glad to have been chosen as your Head Boy for the next academic year. Being Head Boy has been a role that I have dreamed of since joining our school in year 7, and now I can fulfill that dream. 

During my time at St Edmund Arrowsmith, I have taken part in many different school shows, such as Let's Sing, the Advent services, the music festival, the music showcase and the school production last year. I have also helped in different ways around the school, such as taster days for year 5s, taking people on tours around the school and taking part in assemblies for form, chaplaincy and IMPACT.

First of all, I would like to tell you about the process that Kiera and I had to go through to get to where we are today. The first interviews we had were to be appointed to the role of senior prefect. We went into the interviews in groups of either four or five, and were asked a series of questions about why we want to be a senior prefect, and how we could possibly help the school in different ways. Once we made it past those interviews, we had the votes for Head Boy and Head Girl and the top three from each went through to the final interviews. This interview was the most petrifying thing I have ever done, but I kept cool and collected so I could show that I was confident. The very same day, in fact just a few hours later, we got the results back and when I was told I was Head Boy, I had never been happier. But I stayed calm, as I know the others were obviously upset as they didn't get it and I congratulated them for their hard work.

I’m Kiera Quinn and I am very honoured to have been selected as Head Girl this year! Ever since I was little it has been one of my greatest aspirations to become Head Girl, and so I am ecstatic and excited to have been chosen for this prestigious role. Upon becoming a member of the St Edmund Arrowsmith community in Year 7, I have consistently strived to contribute to the school’s ethos and improve learning and working environments for everyone, and have showcased this in my roles as a prefect, IMPACT representative, eco representative and charity representative. I have also participated in aiding younger students through my work as a maths, reading, languages and science mentor, all which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also hope to continue to help everyone as Head Girl over the coming school year.

The selection process for Head Girl and Head Boy was extremely rigorous, and certainly kept John and I on our toes. First, we had to apply for senior prefect with an application letter, explaining why we wanted to be placed in such a coveted role, and what action we would take if we received it. Upon being shortlisted based on our application letters, Mr Dumican, Mr Doyle, Mrs Morgan, Mrs McClelland and Mr Jones conducted group interviews to decide who would be a senior prefect, and when I was told that I had been chosen, I felt like jumping in the air! We were also told a group of pupils were to be placed in a voting system, with the top three boys and girls receiving another interview, although this time for the positions of Head Boy and Girl. Voting, by teachers and Year 10 pupils, took place on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd May, which was my fifteenth birthday, and as I blew out the candles on my cake, I wished for enough votes to garner an interview the next day! When I was told that I, as well as my friends Caitlin and Kate, had been voted for an interview, it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and as soon as I got home on Wednesday evening I began preparing for the interview. However, as I sat across from the teachers in Mr Dumican’s office on Thursday morning, I realised that the interview would be quite difficult; the questions I was being asked were very challenging, although I managed to maintain my composure (I hope) and I made it to the end of the interview. Phew! I was told that if we returned to the office at the start of lunch, we would be informed of who had been appointed, and as I sat in my fourth period biology lesson, I struggled to concentrate, overcome with nerves and trepidation. This all soon dissipated however, when Mr Dumican told me that I had been chosen to be Head Girl for the next year, and as soon as I left the office I ran to my friends and told them my fantastic news.

Over the next year, I plan to implement many of my ideas into our school. These plans include: promoting chaplaincy and IMPACT through assemblies, organising an extra-curricular fair to entice and introduce new pupils to our school’s many clubs and groups, and start a monthly open forum event, run by myself and other members of the senior prefect team, for students and staff to bring forward ideas and feedback about the school. I believe it is important that every member of our school community acknowledges that they have a say in the school’s happenings, and that their voice is heard. I am lucky to be part of a fantastic team with John, Kate, Caitlin, Matthew and Jack, and look forward to us all working together during the next year to help improve and promote our wonderful school.