18 June 2018

Bee There or Bee Square!

Can you spell business?





Well there certainly was a BUZZ as Y7 swarmed into the hall on Friday Period 4.

It was a veritable hive of activity!


For the annual Spelling Bee at St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School – held this year on Friday 15th July 2018 – a fiercely contested Last Man (Person!) Standing.   The fiercely contested preliminary competition held on Tuesday saw two contestants emerging winners: Patrick M and Radaslaw.

Pupils entered, excited and enthusiastic, waving banners in support of their form and took their places as Mrs Alvarado addressed the assembly. The assembly hall was adorned with colourful display posters produced by pupils in support of their forms.   The teams were assembled on stage and the judging panel ready. 

The year group burst into rapturous applause as Patrick and Radaslaw came to the front of the stage and Mrs Taylor challenged the pair with some tricky spellings.   A slight stumble on a spelling by Radaslaw and Patrick was declared the winner.

And…   on to the second round – a quickfire burst involving numerous members of the form spelling a variety of words in two minutes.  The large countdown clock, displayed on the wall, counted the two minutes down as the level of difficulty of words increased. 

Tic… Toc… Tic… Toc…  - the last ten seconds sounded and the alarm buzzed.  The scores were recorded.

And then the next form bravely stepped forward to face a barrage of spellings – and an equally loud barrage of applause from their supporters.

And then the next…

… until finally Team C.

`The tension in the room rose as an expectant assembly waited for the results to be announced and Mrs Hollins entertained the hall with some funny spelling jokes and anecdotes.

Yet more applause as Mr Dumican mounted the stage to announce the results.  Then there was hush…

In third place - 7M

In JOINT second place  - 7C and 7H

And the WINNER  -  7G with 54 points.

The noise was totally deafening as the winning teams and “Last Man Standing” stepped forward deservedly to collect their medals and trophies. 

Now, can you spell   bus - i - ness?

By Mr F McGreevy