29 June 2018

On Friday 15th June, a large group of Year 10 pupils went on a trip to visit Leeds University to give us an idea of what ‘Uni Life’ would be like. We gathered in the Hall at 8:15, ready for the long and exciting day ahead. After arriving at the university and registering, we were all given an individual timetable to inform us of the session we would attend. These varied from Law to Education and every subject in between. We met with our group leader and began the journey to our respective schools. Some students attended a lecture while others got a highly involved presentation, but we all learnt more about our chosen topic and what it would be like to study at university level.

Following our first session, we all met at one of the many grand libraries at Leeds University. Some visited small stalls, giving information on many subjects, while others viewed the glorious shelves of the library, filled to the brim with dozens of books. This library was home to many students working hard for exams, which only added to the amazing atmosphere. Of course, being a pupil librarian, this was a dream come true for me. However, it was clear that everyone, even the staff, were in awe of this sight. Next, we all walked over to the Student Union for our lunch. With food stalls left, right and centre, we had a difficult choice to make.

Once eating a delicious dinner in the outstanding Student Union cafe, we assembled into different groups and then set off to our second session of the day. Just like in the first half of the day, we all went and studied the wonders of many different subjects. Of course we went with our group leader, and we had a laugh with not just our friends, but the teachers at the university as well. Our group leader made sure we all arrived safe at the department we were selected to go to and ensured that none of us got lost, even if they didn't know the way themselves.

Upon finishing our final session, we went to separate rooms around the university to look at the accommodation. Unfortunately this didn't last very long, as we needed time to make our way back to school and get home. We all thanked the teachers at the university and our own school teachers for the day out as we all boarded the coaches, and prepared for another journey back home. The journey was long, but we all enjoyed the day immensely.

by Rachel and John, Year 10