29 June 2018

Well, we have been totally blessed this week. Not only have we had a fantastic Mission Week, where the whole school community came together as one, but the sun also shone brightly on our annual St Peter & St Paul Mass.

The front of school was the perfect setting for this very special occasion. The calming entrance hymn, ‘Be still for the presence of the Lord’ set the tone for the day as the wind wafted warmly through the trees, before Father John spoke to the school about the message of today’s Mass where St Peter and St Paul answered the call from Jesus to follow Him, just as we answer his call today.

You could hear a pin drop as Lily, note perfect, took to the altar to sing Gloria, from the Mass of St Bernadette, with the whole congregation joining in the Refrain. Retiring P.E. teacher Mr Griffin, was bestowed the honour of the first reading from the Acts of the Apostles, whilst various members of the chaplaincy, school choir and Eucharistic Minister staff, all  played their part in the Mass; just as it should be.

As I watched the lone Cabbage White butterfly flitting among the pupils and staff, I wondered about the significance of it. It was only when I came back into school after the Mass had finished, that I Googled it and here is what I found.

“They are a sign of spiritual growth and wisdom. If you recently started a spiritual practice, the white butterfly might be a sign that you are on the right path.” 

I think that, following this week’s extraordinary Mission week, and the wonderfully uplifting St Peter & St Paul Mass today in the glorious sunshine, we, at St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School are most certainly on the right path.

by Mrs Taylor, School Librarian