5 July 2018

That sun continued to shine brightly in the sky as competitors, pupils and staff filed onto the dusty playing fields, ready for one of the highlights in our school calendar. The PE department had been out for hours, topping up their tans and getting the field ready for what promised to be an afternoon of searing competition in even more searing temperatures.

On hand and promising to capture the events of the day, were our roving BBC School Reporters, with pens and clipboards at the ready…but only once they had eagerly demolished their enormous ice creams!

As the mixed relay got underway, signalling the start of the Year 7 events and annual sports day at Eddies, the competitors were all sprinting for their lives. Coming round the last bend, it looked like Owen were going to win, with Ellison Twiss about to cross the finish line quite a distance ahead of everyone else. But in the last few seconds, he was overtaken by a determined Farrell Whyte, and Gennings won with a superb time of 1.02.85.

There was a very big field for the 800m boys, with four boys from each form competing. They started off very tightly together, but after the first lap, they had thinned down to a snake of white tops crossing the 400m mark. Coming round the corner on the last lap, Austin Williams was a staggering 100m ahead of the rest of the field. He crossed the finish line with a time of 2.30.28, winning this race for Owen. Amazingly, he also managed to break the school record that had been held since 1997 by four seconds - and all in that unrelenting 30 degrees heat!

After two gun fails and false starts, Mr Taylor resorted to starting the 800m girls’ race with his hand. There was a clear leader after the first lap, and Mrs Paul was there to encourage  all the girls to keep their legs moving. Olivia Birch in Mayne pushed on to the end and crossed the finish line with a time of 2.58.19. She was so breathless afterwards that she couldn’t speak!

The other results were:

100m Girls - Laura Sonne - Almond - 15.68

100m Boys - Harvey Wrigley - Southwell - 14.27

200m Girls - Emily Jones - Barlow - 34.75

200m Boys - Farrell Whyte - Gennings - 30.53

300m Girls - Ruby McIntosh - Mayne - 59.06

400m Boys - Alex Taylor - Almond - 1.16.25

Girls Relay - Almond - 1.06.78

Boys Relay - Owen - 1.07.75

“It was good. Quite painful at the end though,” said Laura Sonne after clinching first place in the 100m.

“I didn’t get a good start, but then I just sprinted as fast as I could,” Harvey Wrigley said after being victorious in the 100m.

After winning the 400m, Alex Taylor said, “I think I could have paced myself a bit more and then sprinted at the end, but it went well.”

It is very difficult to run in such high temperatures, but with Mr Morgan and the rest of the PE staff there to encourage everyone to keep going, we did have some record breakers!

A highlight of the day for me was Mr Killen’s witty commentating; making jokes about staff and pupils and declaring 10M joint winners, just because they are his form! The other half of the BBC School Report team were getting the ‘inside scoop’ from the crowd. They managed to prise the microphone from Mr Killen’s sweaty palm and did some of their own commentating, invented games and handed out some awards to keep the crowd entertained.

One of the games they invented was the 'Find Maria’ competition. Maria said, "I have never been so scared in my life because there were so many people running at me, but also so loved." Mr Dumican found Maria first and won himself a handshake from himself!

Awards handed out were:

Best Picnic Blanket - Miss Foster

Best Hat - Mr Linton

Best Sunglasses - Emily Gambles 8C

Best Outfit - Mr McEvoy

Best Umbrella - Mr Kennedy

Best Tan - Mr Bradley for ‘a lovely shade of mahogany, last seen on a piece of vintage furniture’

Best Hug - Joel Bird 10C2

Most Sociable Awkward Hug - Chloe Stowell 10S2

Most Frequent Hug - Megan Corfield 8M

Most Blue - Mr Dumican

Overall, in third place was Ward, in second place was Almond and the winners were... OWEN! Congratulations to everyone in 7O.

By Charlotte, Year 8


The Year 8 Sports Day began with the mixed relay race. Coming first and with a new school record was 8W, beating the old record set in 2014, by a staggering 35 seconds, with Daniel Hill running the important final leg. After the race Daniel said “It was alright. I had a good start.”  Chasing 8W strongly was 8C, coming a very close second, with Luke Flannery running the final 100m.

The next race was the girls’ 800m. Winning the race was Kiera Donaldson 8W, within touching distance of the record, with only four seconds between the current record and her time today. Next, we had the boys’ 800m with Michael Isherwood 8A coming in first place.

The girls’ 100m came next, with Abbie Critchley in 8W recording a time of 14 seconds and the boys’ 100m victor, with his second win of the day was Luke Flannery with a superb time of 12.84 seconds.

The sixth race was the girls’ 200m with Niamh Kelly in 8L coming first and in the boys’ 200m Max McMurtry in 80 was the winner.

The girls then had the 300m race to contend with and running in first was Fraya Walker in 8L. The boys then ran the 400m with Reece Trueman in 8S placing first.  

Next we had the girls’ relay with 8W crossing the line first with Abbie Critchley running the final leg and also her second time running across the finish line in first place today. In the boys’ relay, 8C came first with Jackson Sturgess running an impressive last leg.

Overall the form with most point was 8W with 194 points and coming second was 8O with 172 points. Well done to all the Year 8 pupils who took part in sports day and also to those who cheered their form on.

by Layla, Year 8


The first event for Year 9 was the mixed relay. This was an exciting race as there was no one clear leader, but on the second-to-last bend, 9C started to break away from their opponents and it seemed like they had it in the bag. But 9L had other ideas, coming from behind to clinch the race. Exciting stuff! Runner of the final leg, Jack Adamson, had this to say, “It went pretty well - we won.”

In the tough 800m race, lots of encouragement was needed to help the boys finish and at the end the crowd cheered on Aryce Rayo, spurring him on top keep his legs going in the ever-increasing temperatures.

In the girls 200m we weren’t sure who would be the victor, but as the field came through the last bend it was quite clear that Emily Corfield was using every ounce of her energy to fight for that first place. With the other girls starting to close on her she knew she had to push through the pain. Collapsing across the finish line Emily just managed to clinch victory for 9C, but the effort she had put in left her unable to speak for several minutes!

Another quick race was the boys 100m sprint. There was quite a clear winner in this one, Sam McGrath, but there wasn’t much between second and third, as they both battled for the silver medal. When we asked Sam how he thought it went, all he said was “alright but very tiring” … this shows how hard the competitors actually work during sports day, especially on a really hot day like today where temperatures were around 30 degrees. 

Unbelievably, there were also two records broken in the field events earlier in the week.  Sam Tracey set a new record for the turbo javelin, throwing it 29.25m, smashing the previous record. Well done Sam! The girls’ turbo javelin record, set way back in 2010 was also broken by Niamh Harrison who threw it 22.6m. Well done Niamh!

By Gemma, Year 9


The first Year 10 races of the afternoon began with the mixed relay. Competitors were filled with energy and the field was full of cheers. A lead was quickly made and held throughout the race, meaning when Form C’s final runner, Josh Robinson, crossed the line to be greeted by the excited audience, all he could manage to splutter was “knackered”. Next came the boys’ 800m. As soon the gun went off, the boys shot off, full of determination. As the race came to a close, two boys were fighting for the 1st place title but Kavan Rothwell from S pulled ahead of Joe Chesworth from Form B to claim the victory. Both boys showed great sportsmanship afterwards though when the battle was over.

Following this was the 100m races, starting with the girls. The Year 10 race was close from start to finish, but the well-deserved winner was Lucy Jones from S. The boys’ race was over in seconds, which, considering the heat, was astonishing! When the winner, Tyler Pilling from A spoke to us, he said he felt “Alright”. The spectators, on the other hand, were feeling the heat and taking full advantage of the ice-cream van stationed at the back of the field with the never-ending queue which didn’t seem to go down all afternoon!

The 200m races followed for both girls and boys with Ella Walker from S and Ben O’Donnell from L taking first place in their races. Katie Morley from Form M established a large lead from the off, securing her victory in the 300m and telling our reporters that she felt “Tired”. During the boys’ race, two competitors drove ahead making it a close-call between the two, but with Ryan Ball from Form C eventually snatching that coveted 1st place.

To end the day was the girls’ and boys’ relay. While the heat was getting to everyone, the girls still stormed ahead, ready to put up a strong fight for the first-place position. Crossing the line first and representing A was Charlotte Heard with quite a lead. The boys’ race was the last of the day which just made the runners all the more eager to win. It didn’t take long for C to stride ahead of the rest, with Josh Robinson crossing the line first. He told us that he felt “Shattered…again!”

We excitedly waited to hear the finishing positions, and were all cheering and clapping as A were announced winners for our year group, with C coming 2nd and B placing 3rd. The bell rang for the end of the day and we made our way off the field, smiles on all our faces. It was certainly the sunniest and hottest sports day we ever remember, and with it being Year 10’s last at Eddies, it made it all the more memorable.

By Rachel, Year 10

Quotes sourced by Robyn Lind, Year 10