10 July 2018

On Wednesday 4th July, Year 10 took part in St John Rigby’s Taster Day to get a feel of college life. We lined up in the sweltering heat on the yard, waiting for our buses to arrive and take us to this wonderful college. We had been given our timetables (after selecting lessons to take weeks before) and were very excited to see that almost everyone had been given the lessons they asked for. But I and a few other students didn’t have the three lessons like the rest of our year. We had been selected to partake in the maths competition all morning, which we were very excited for.

After our lovely welcoming lecture from the deputy head, we were guided to our first class of the day. Some people went to a talk about biology, sociology or even a sports activity. Yet Jack A, Charlotte M, Matthew E and myself were taken to the library along with 12 other teams, for the first round of the Maths Challenge; the individual round. The questions were like no others, they were so difficult that you could see smoke coming out of everyone’s ears as they tried to gain as many points as they could for their team. We were then given a series of questions to complete as a team before we had break, for which crisps and chocolate were used as brain fuel for all the competitors before we had our team photo taken.

The last round was definitely the hardest one of all. We had six questions to answer as a team. The catch was, we only had three minutes for each question! Some we answered in 10 seconds flat, others took all the time we had. But after it was over, we were sad it had ended. It was time to collect our participation certificates, congratulate Byrchall for their win and meet back up with the rest of our year for lunch. St John Rigby had pulled out all the stops with an ice-cream van, games like archery and much more.  Our final session was upon us and thanks to the funny, kind staff, we all were sad to get back on the coaches and head back to school.

by Rachel, Year 10