17 July 2018

Alicia Johnson in Year 8 recently won a bronze medal at the NDP finals at Nottingham Arena. We are all delighted with Alicia’s success and caught up with her to get the inside story on the medal-winning performance which puts her the third best in the country!


The selection process started with the prelims, where I had to finish either first or second. I was delighted that I came first, meaning that I got through to the semi-finals. To qualify for the Nottingham finals you had to finish in the top eight in the semis and I came fourth. I was amazed as I have only been tumbling for a few months. At the finals I came third which was a huge achievement for me because I actually finished higher than I did in the semis.


I loved the competition because it was so fun and exciting. In the build up to the competition I had to train five times a week, for four months. The warm-up floor at the finals was like an ice rink which meant it was really cold and hard so I had to be extra careful that I didn’t fall off the tumble whilst practising. But as a result of all of my work and effort, I got the bronze medal.


I now feel really good because I won a medal even after tumbling for just a few months. The prelims was actually my first tumbling competition. Next year I am aiming to go back to the finals and get better than a bronze medal.