17 July 2018

Well, the weather defeated us this time as we were forced to hold the annual awards ceremony in the school hall. Despite this setback, the upbeat ceremony perfectly reflected all of the hard work, commitment and dedication from our pupils over the preceding year.

The opening prayers, led by Maria, set the tone for a day in which we gave thanks for pupils’ achievements this year and to pray for inspiration in the year to come.

Many, many pupils came to receive their awards from staff who were sadly leaving us this year: Mr Griffin, Mrs Jones, Mr Jones, Mr Tsang, Mrs Hill, Mr Hurst, Mrs Kyte and Miss Taylor. Standout pupil, who bagged himself an amazing nine prizes, was Robert in Year 7, though every single pupil earned their moment in the spotlight today.

As always, the Liam Disley Award, presented to a pupil who always goes above and beyond, was one of the highlights of the ceremony. This year’s recipient and very worthy winner was Rachel Thorpe in 10C2. Rachel has thrown herself into school life straight from Year 7 and has been an active member of the chaplaincy and an integral part of the school community, throughout her time here. We caught up with Rachel following the ceremony and this is her reaction to winning this prestigious award. 

I was extremely shocked when Mr Dumican called my name to collect the Liam Disley Award for Contribution to School Life. I have always tried hard to do the most with my time in school by taking part in numerous extra-curricular activities, however with the large number of amazing pupils in Year 10, winning such a prestigious award never crossed my mind. I am very pleased to be the 11th person to win the award after it was introduced in 2008. I am thankful for this wonderful honour and hope to inspire others to try their best in and out of school.


The Peter Phillips Award, presented by the man himself, retired Headteacher Peter Phillips, is awarded to a pupil who we have considered to have made the most academic all-round progress since joining St Edmund Arrowsmith. The very commendable and charming winner this year is Caitlin Taylor in 10M2. Modest as ever, Caitlin had this to say about her wonderful news.


When I discovered I was the recipient of the ‘Peter Phillips Award for Outstanding Progress’ I was beyond thrilled and also felt extremely grateful that I had been recognised for my individual progress. This prestigious award is truly special to our school community: Mr Phillips was our previous headteacher who valued academic progress as well as achievement. To be given this award is truly a privilege and I feel honoured to be the recipient this year. St Edmund Arrowsmith has offered me many opportunities that have allowed me to thrive on making the most out my school life. I have always tried my best and feel this award truly reflects the hard work I have put in to my studies.


Since Year 7 the fantastic teachers and pupils have inspired me to work to my best ability and always challenge myself and I feel this award reflects my motivation to always challenge myself to go the extra mile and accomplish amazing achievements. Without the teachers this wouldn’t be possible, so I would like to thank them. Many pupils in my year group deserved this award, but the fact I was the chosen one brings me great joy and further determination to succeed and work my hardest next year which will be challenging, but is something I look forward to. It is an honour to have my name on the award in commemoration of Mr Phillips’ outstanding service to our school.


A new award, being presented for the very first time, is the John Griffin Award. Mr Griffin is retiring from teaching after 27 years as a P.E. teacher. As many of you will know, Mr Griffin has always been heavily involved in rugby, coaching and mentoring dozens of pupils to success through his obvious love of the sport. Today, one of our school’s rising stars in the rugby world, Ben in 10L1, was the very first recipient of this special award. He received it with wonderful comments ringing in his ears from Mr Griffin: ‘for his outstanding effort on the rugby field.’


This day is a wonderful culmination of another wonderful year at Eddies. It was great to see the whole school community coming together for one final time, to celebrate the many successes we have helped our pupils to achieve and I for one, felt very privileged to be a part of that!

by Mrs Taylor, School Librarian