23 August 2018

It was a mizzly, drizzly day as pupils and parents queued nervously to receive the long-awaited GCSE results, but this didn’t put a dampener on the many relieved, but also delighted faces, as they filed into the dining room after receiving the vital white envelope containing their imminent futures.

Headteacher, Mark Dumican is delighted with the results and had this to say, “Results have improved from last year: our Attainment 8 score is over 53, which means our average grade across all subjects and all pupils is a Grade 5.  The pupils have achieved excellent higher grade passes - 30% of all grades were achieved at the upper grade boundary of 7-9!

There are many, many examples of outstanding individual pupil performances from every ability band.  As a staff we are so proud of our pupils. As a year group, they have made many outstanding contributions to the wider life of our school, so to see them achieve academically as well is fantastic.  The results reflect all the hard work and effort the pupils put in over a long period of time and the commitment of our staff who worked tirelessly on their behalf.  We are delighted for the pupils and wish them every success in the future!”

With this is mind, we would like to share just a few of the many success stories with you today.

Three pupils who have been together since their first day at primary school will be going their separate ways for the first time following receipt of their brilliant results. Lucinda Hewitt, who made exceptional progress in all subjects, achieving three grade 7s, four grade 6s and three grade 5s is going to Winstanley College to study theatre studies, R.E. and philosophy.  Lucinda was ‘delighted’, with mum in particular paying tribute to Lucinda’s hard work, “There have been lots of tears but also lots of hugs.” Holly Smith is off to Carmel College to study French, maths and business studies, whilst Alannah Webb will go to St John Rigby College to tackle music, R.E. and psychology. After having their photos taken, all three emitted a loud scream as the realisation that all of their hard work had paid off in spades.

Caitlin Ashton, who amassed three grade 7s, four grade 6s and three grade 5s, was equally delighted when we caught up with her. Off to study English combined, psychology, sociology and business studies at Wigan and Leigh College, she paid tribute to the teachers at Eddies, saying that they were ‘so nice’. Her dad supports her in the decision to continue with her studies at the college, saying that ‘it is the right environment for Caitlin’.

Another boy who performed exceedingly well was Head Boy, Joe Guerin. Visibly shaking as he held the results, he admitted that he had an appointment at Winstanley College, but still didn’t know which subjects he would be taking, though possibly maths, history and chemistry were favourites at the moment. With one grade 9, six grade 8s, two grade 7s and a grade 6 to his name, he can have his pick of the many subjects on offer.

His friend, Luke Bullough, was another pupil who couldn’t quite believe his results: a fabulous four grade 8s, three grade 7s, one A* and two A grades. He’s off to Winstanley with Joe, to study English language and business studies, with a couple of question marks hovering over other subjects. He told me that he felt ‘amazing!’ and this emotion was clearly written all over his face.

Another pupil who made exceptional progress in all subjects was Ben Porter. He told me he was happy with his results as he had put in a lot of hard work to achieve them. Winstanley College beckons, where he will study Spanish, history and economics, with a view to studying economics at university. With an amazing six grade 9s, three grade 8s and a grade 7 under his belt, we know that he will succeed in whatever he chooses to do!

When we caught up with Olivia Harrald, she told us that she couldn’t believe that she’d done as well as she had. With an amazing nine grade 9s and a grade 8 to her name, Winstanley College is the next step for her, where she will study maths, further maths, chemistry and physics. She admitted that she’s not sure where and what she will study at university as she is keeping her options open. With such fantastic grades Olivia, you now have the world at your feet!

Ten, top grade 9s were the prize today for Joanna Smith who was mostly relieved but also shocked at these superb results. A career in the world of finance is the calling for Joanna, once she has excelled in maths, further maths, economics and Spanish at Winstanley College.

Good friends, Georgia Hardman and Hannah Sutcliffe, have their sights set on Oxbridge, and why not? With a clutch of top grades between them, we are certain that they will succeed. Emily Grimshaw- Brown will join them at Winstanley College, but hasn’t quite made her mind up yet, other than wishing to study English literature, theology and law.

Accompanied by his mum and younger brother, Jack Sheerin’s emotions were also written all over his face! He was ecstatic and who wouldn’t be with a grade 8 in maths! A collection of other well-earned grades will hopefully pave the way for a career in acting, once he has made the decision where to study for his A-levels: Cronton or Carmel College?

With nothing but praise for the staff at Eddies, James Forshaw and Emily Barber were both delighted with the contents of their large white envelopes today. James has made the maximum amount of progress in all of his subjects, amassing a superb nine grade 9s and one grade 8. James has represented the school and excelled in various maths challenge competitions over the years and his obvious love of the subject will see him further this, as he studies maths, further maths, physics and biology at Winstanley College. He commented that he had really enjoyed being at Eddies, but was looking forward to the future. Emily confessed she was ‘chuffed to bits’ with her results. She told me that she wanted a grade 5 in maths and with support from her maths teacher and lots and lots of hard work, she had got it! She said she had had an ‘awesome time’ at Eddies and wanted to thank the staff for being so friendly. Her parents said that the staff have given Emily so much confidence, in particular Mrs Doolan, who has always believed in her and pushed her to achieve her goals. Emily added that she didn’t want to let the staff down for having faith in her. We can safely say, Emily that you haven’t!  She will now pursue her dream of becoming a teacher, as she continues with her studies at St John Rigby College. If the old saying is correct, ‘You never, ever leave St Edmund Arrowsmith’ … who knows … we may see her back at Eddies in a few years’ time as a teacher herself!