26 November 2017

On Wednesday 29th November, the Year 10 Maths Mentors and a group of Year 7 pupils gathered in the gym to prepare for the Maths Roadshow. We split into teams while some of the Year 10s got ready to mark our work and we then eagerly awaited the arrival of Year 6 pupils from various primary schools.

When the visiting pupils arrived, they joined our groups and we were told how the day would work: our teams were made up of two Year 6 pupils, two Year 7s and a Year 10. The year 6s and 7s would work together to answer the question given to them in order to score points, while the year 10s helped them understand the questions and checked their work. These questions were mathematical and logical, and given to each team in rounds, with a specific time limit. Whoever had the most points at the end of the day would win…simple! So, with that in mind, we began, quickly put our brains into gear, in the hope of winning the top prize.

We spent the morning answering question as a group, completing crosswords with maths-based clues and getting to know each other. After lunch, we even had a relay race, and while the questions were often difficult, many groups managed to finish. We all got along very well and it was a great experience for the visiting primary school pupils.

The results were as follows:

1st - St. Aidan's
2nd - English Martyrs
3rd - St. Wilfrid's

by Rachel Thorpe, Year 10