29 November 2017

On the second dinner bell, hordes of pupils gathered in the library, to see if they were one of the lucky winners of the annual Christmas quiz.

They had been truly tested by Mrs Taylor with tricky teasers, all relating to Christmas and it's traditions. Pupils had to fathom out the answers to questions such as: Santa's sleigh travels at the speed of light. What is the speed of light? A traditional part of Christmas dinner, but disliked by many people, what are brassica oleracea var. gemmifera commonly called? What is the total of all of the gifts in the popular carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas? Getting in the festive spirit, as you can see, there were delighted faces all around, as they proudly showed off their booty of chocolate goodies.

Just in case the questions baffled you, here are the answers: 299,792,458 miles per second, brussel sprouts, 364 (we hope you didn't have to sing the carol to get the correct answer to this one!)

Merry Christmas everyone!