19 January 2018

I'm not going to lie... going into the Options Market Place I was a bundle of nerves, excitement and anxiety. 

Would I come out knowing what GCSE options I wanted to take?

What should I expect in each subject? 

What would I learn?

Would I get the answers to any of my questions? 

When I walked into the hall I was handed a booklet and was faced with the challenge of visiting each subject stall in search of the answers. The Year 10 pupils (who are currently studying these   subjects) were fabulous at providing me with the information I sought and an insight to the course. I quickly queried:

 What was on the current subject syllabus? 

 What makes it an interesting subject to study?

 What skills do you need for this subject?

 What grades you need at the end of GCSEs?

 What percentage of your grade is exams?

Thankfully, by the time I left the Options Market Place, I felt more confident in what studying each of the subjects entailed. I haven't quite decided which subjects I'm going to take...but maybe that’s because the Year 10s sold them so well!!


by Niamh, 9C