16 February 2018

On Thursday 15th February 2018, we held the fun Maths Roadshow with a group of Year 10 maths mentors and Year 5 pupils, who gathered in the hall, eager to begin the variety of maths puzzles. 

Prior to the challenge, the Year 5 pupils were told what the challenge would consist of, this included: a set of 2-mark puzzles, 3-mark puzzles and 4-mark puzzles (these being the hardest). The Year 5s were eager to start the day and the Year 10s couldn’t wait to help out with the tricky challenges. Prior to the roadshow they were told that there were two prizes up for grabs: one being for the highest scoring pair and also a prize for the overall winning school. With this is mind, all eyes were on the prizes! 

Every one of the Year 5 pupils worked extremely hard, all with determination to finish even the hardest puzzles. The Year 10 mentors provided help and support to the younger pupils and marked each correct answer. Many commented on how great it was to see pairs working together collaboratively to find out the answers to the puzzles. After the time ran out in each round, the Year 10s collected in the score sheets and counted each of the pair’s scores - all were very close! Mr Travis commented on how close the scores were, with just 4 points determining the winner. The highest scoring pair received a chocolate prize along with a certificate. They were from Sacred Heart Primary School (Oliver and Mackenzie) and the overall winning school with the highest average was St Wilfrid’s, who received a trophy for their success. 

Well done to the winners, and of course everybody who participated. I think it is safe to say that the roadshow was a great experience for all involved and that it was tackled with true grit and determination! 

by Caitlin, 10M2