Most GCSE exams take place at the end of Year 11, however, in some subjects such as English and MFL there are Controlled Assessments taking place at various stages throughout the course. A Controlled Assessment is an examination that is normally timed at the end of a module when the teacher feels that the students are ready to be assessed. As a result, these examinations take place at various times throughout the year and it is important that students manage their time effectively in order to reach their targets.

What can I do to support my child?

  • Monitor journals; use them to communicate with staff about any concerns or issues.
  • Encourage a routine, incorporating homework and revision.
  • Celebrate every success, no matter how small.
  • Reward a positive work ethic.
  • Encourage a healthy diet and sufficient rest - 8 hours sleep is ideal.
  • Try to find a bright, quiet place where your child can study away from distractions (the Internet; TV; mobile phones).
  • Attempt to use your son/daughter’s interests as a reward or motivator.
  • Try to keep a dialogue with your child about what they are learning.
  • Use the school website for information on key dates and revision tips.
  • Attend Guidance and Parents' Evenings.