Travel to school in severe weather

During severe weather staff and pupils are asked to refer to the school website St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School for information and any updates.  A notification will be placed on the website and a message will be sent via Arbor. 


Should the weather be more inclement than normal, staff and pupils are asked to take great care when coming to school.


Closure prior to the start of the school day

If it becomes necessary to close the school in the event of severe weather, the following procedure will be followed:


  • The MIRT (Major Incident Recovery Team) will be advised by the duty Site Manager if site conditions will potentially impact on the opening of the school.
  • The School Business Manager will contact relevant bus companies for a clear picture of transport issues.
  • The Headteacher will determine if closure is necessary.
  • The MIRT will co-ordinate and make arrangement to contact staff, pupils and any other relevant people.
  • Wigan Council will be notified – updates can be found on
  • The website and phone system will be updated.
  • Should pupils arrive in school, the procedure outlined in “Closure During the School Day” must be implemented if a member of staff is available.  The Headteacher will be regularly informed of the situation at school.


Closure During the School Day

If it becomes necessary to close the school early in the event of severe weather, the following procedures will be followed:


  • All parents will receive a text message informing them of the decision to close early.


  • Pupils who live locally and can safely walk home will be allowed to leave and are expected to behave sensibly and safely.


  • Pupils who catch a bus will be kept in school until buses appear or parents collect them.  We will be in contact with the relevant bus companies to ascertain likelihood of arrival and give relevant advice to pupils.


The school will remain open until every pupil has been collected, no matter how long it takes.  Every effort will be made to allow pupils to telephone home, but this may take time to organise.


The LA will be informed and this will be updated on their website. will be posted on our website on a regular basis.


The decision to close is only taken after careful consideration of all factors and our prime aim is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all pupils and staff.

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