Working from Home

If you are experiencing IT related problems please watch these how-to videos before contacting IT support. We will update the video list with guides on how to fix the most frequently encountered problems.
Our email is -

What is your email address?

Each pupils email address starts with their username e.g. jsmith19 (the number is the year they joined the school), this is then followed by

If you are a primary school signing in from home please use your username followed by the relevant school:

Useful Information

The difference between To, CC and Bcc - Click here

How to turn on Bcc on your email - Click here 

How to Ignore an email conversation in Outlook on the Web - Click here

Start and Pin Chats in Microsoft Teams - Click here

How to Create, Use and Share Recordings with Microsoft Teams - Click here

Calling somone on Microsoft Teams outside of your organisation - Click here

Download Microsoft Teams - Click here

How to use Microsoft Teams - Click here

How to add your department OneDrive to Teams - Click here

Learning Resources

Chatter Pack Blog - List of free online resources - Click here

Audible - Collection of free stories to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.  - Click here

David Walliams - Free Audio Books - Click Here 

BBC Teach - Thousands of free curriculum-mapped videos, arranged by age-group and subject. - Click here

PE Department Twitter - Click here

Joe Wicks - The Body Coach TV - P.E from home - Click here

Museums and Art Gallery Virtual Tours - Art & Culture from home - Click here

Virtual Tours of National Parks -  Enjoy the beauty of the natural world - Click here

Chester Zoo -  Live virtual tours/learning resources - Click here

Wellbeing Wednesday 

These are unusual times for us all and we want to support you through the coming weeks by sharing ideas, tips and links to help you look after your own well being and those around you. We are in this together everyone.
Make sure you download the PowerPoints below and click Start Slideshow to access the useful links!
Please follow our Wellbeing Instagram account by searching sea.wellbeing on instagram. 

Wellbeing Wednesday Resources

Documents and Information

How to access your emails

Syncing documents with Onedrive



Copying files to OneDrive via the web

How to access class work through group files

How to install Microsoft Office

How to access the Gateway

How to open Office Online

How to make folders read only

How to access Stream

How to favourite a group

How to sync department group files to OneDrive

How to attached attach group files to an email

How to open a second inbox

How to create a PDF

How to convert a PDF document to Word

How to unfollow a group on your email

How to start a meeting on Teams

How to schedule a meeting in Teams

How to join a meeting in Teams

How to share your screen/desktop on Teams