Welcome to the relaunch of our Year 7 Laptops for Pupils Scheme.

Laptops for Pupils scheme has launched!

We will have a payment portal open for 2 weeks ending midnight 1st July 2018.

Prices start from £10.99 a month with a down payment of £50 

 The payment portal can be accessed from http://edde.education using the access code: SEA1-1

We have listened to previous feedback and we fully understand that most of you felt like the device was too expensive.

We are relaunching with a new laptop which is considerably more affordable and comes with a three-year warranty. 

Due to the rising demand for IT in school, and the substantially reduced school budget, we are exploring different avenues to allow IT to continue in school.

Numerous studies have shown that the effective integration of technology and the introduction of e-learning to the curriculum can act as a catalyst that improves learning outcomes by re-engaging students. 

The Government has ambitious targets for all students to have personalised access to IT. The aim is to provide universal access to portable technology so every student can benefit from a highly versatile learning resource. With a laptop or tablet device, they can take advantage of extra learning materials in school and at home. Improving access to technology increases learning opportunities that enhance educational achievements and provide vital IT skill.

Our aim is to provide your child with access to all school resources both in and out of school, with the reassurance that theft and accidental damage is covered. We can achieve this at a price cheaper than the shops, including warranties and insurance. It will allow pupils to access a range of applications and software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Python, 2d design, without the need for parents to purchase the software themselves. 

Work can be submitted digitally using the device at any time of the day, giving teachers more efficient ways to provide feedback. Using digital ink or recorded messages, it removes the need to print work, saving both parents and school significant sums of money which can be better spent elsewhere.

Our aim is to provide a device, where teachers and pupils can collaborate together, working on the same documents simultaneously, without the worry of the device running low on battery. It needs to be light, portable and usable in all parts of school life. We feel that we have found a device which meets all of these needs.

Key Benefits

·Children are safe guarded at home and in school

·Internet filtering is applied at all times even over your own internet 

·Screen shots are taken and monitored to ensure that your child is safe online and in class

·School provides all the software needed in class at no extra charge, saving thousands of pounds in purchases 

·Personalised device to optimise learning 

·Long battery life 

·Three-year warranty including accidental damage

·Essential access to IT 24/7

·Durable laptop designed for education which is also splash proof 

Devices will be ready from the first week back in September. Your child’s device will be covered for 3 years, including accidental damage. Please note loss is not covered under the insurance and there is a claims limit per student (please see the key facts section for more information). 

We have attached below a frequently asked questions booklet.

If you would still like to get in touch regarding any queries please contact support@arrowsmith.wigan.sch.uk

You can also call Edde on 01494611465 if you require support purchasing your device.