3 October 2014

Year 7 Rugby Team Start Confidently

The new Year 7 rugby team have started well. The team played in a Wigan Schools qualifying tournament on 17th September along with St John Fisher, Cansfield, Standish and Hawkley Hall.

3 October 2014

Open Evening One Year On

One year ago I was in the same position that the Year 6 pupils are in now – with lots of emotions going through me: happy; worried; excited; nervous - but the main one was fascinated.

3 October 2014

Extreme Reading Competition

Pupils and staff were set the challenge of borrowing a book from the school library, taking it on holiday with them and having their photograph taken whilst reading it in an ‘extreme place’.

2 October 2014

Cakes, Crumbs and Coffee

Everyone has heard of the Macmillan coffee mornings, a fabulous and enjoyable way to raise money to help cancer sufferers, their families, their carers and those engaged in research.

12 September 2014

Welcome to Year 11

On Friday 5th September, Year 11 celebrated mass together at St 0swalds Church, signifying a reverent start to what will be an extremely important twelve months in school for us.

21 August 2014

Move the Goalposts: Same Result!

From just after 9am, bleary-eyed pupils filed into school, nervously awaiting their results held in an envelope, an envelope which would undoubtedly decide their immediate future. With hearts thumping and anxiously clutching their mobile phones to let parents apprehensively waiting at the other end know, Year 11 pupils at St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School were rewarded for their focus, determination and commitment, in a year which has brought many changes and challenges to pupils all over the country.