Our school was recently selected to participate in the BBC Young Reporter project. This is a project that encourages students to get involved with reporting. There are different things that pupils can do, such as blogs, interviews, reports and articles. All students must come up with all their own story ideas, write and present them without teacher input. Lots of students can get involved in the writing, presenting or more technological side of things.

Schools nationwide have taken place in this special event. They have been specially selected by the BBC to come up with an idea for the news. The range of news reports submitted by other schools has differed between interviewing Prince Philip in Buckingham Palace, to the future of selfies! This is our school’s third year as BBC news reporters and the excitement is building up!

This is a great opportunity for our school as well as many other nationwide. Although we have a large team with many talented pupils, we always open to new participants. So come and join us!