What is the purpose of extra-curricular activity?  


Everyone has their own reasons for signing children up to extra-curricular clubs, but the benefits for children of taking part in organised and structured activities after school, at weekends and during holidays are many:-.  

  • Socialising with children outside of their class or immediate friendship group can build confidence and communication skills. Children gain a sense of belonging from being part of a group or team, particularly when those children share their interests.  

  • By finding an activity that your child really enjoys or excels at, you will be boosting their self-confidence. 

  • Sports clubs are particularly good for teaching teamwork and co-operation. Learning to be a gracious winner is important, but learning to lose is arguably more important as it builds resilience which can be transferred to other aspects of life. 

  • Many extra-curricular activities involve physical movement, which is healthy for both mind and body, putting children on the path to being active and healthy adults. 

  • We want our pupils at St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School to get as fully involved as they possibly can in our enrichment programme, by taking that first step into an activity, it may spark an interest for life

At St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School we aim to educate the whole child and we attach great importance to what goes on outside the classroom. Every subject has an extracurricular dimension and, on most lunchtimes, and after school evenings there are clubs and societies which meet to further interests and abilities in a particular area. In addition, we have regular musical concerts, theatre productions and sporting fixtures throughout the academic year which give pupils further opportunities to showcase their talents.



Extra-Curricular Timetable 2023-24

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