Mr M Dumican Headteacher 
Mrs A Morgan Deputy Headteacher & DSL
Mrs G Morris Interim Deputy Headteacher  & DDSL
Mrs S Chapman Business Manager
Mr D Cullen Assistant Headteacher
Mrs A Doolan Assistant Headteacher 


Mr M Killen Head of Department
Mrs G Nutall  
Miss K Thurgood-Parkes  
Mrs J Melling Head of Department  
Miss S Carroll  
Mrs C Hollins Head of Department 
Mrs L McLoughlin Assistant Head of Department
Mr J Tickle Responsibility for Literacy
Mrs C Baylis P/T
Mrs T Chadwick Director of Learning (Y10)
Miss E Challoner  
Mrs K Feeney  
Mrs H Fox P/T
Mrs K Furlong  
Mrs S Hind  
Mrs J Scott P/T
Mr M Kennedy Head of Humanities Department 
Mrs L Ainsworth  
Miss A Foster P/T
Mr D Halliwell Director of Learning (Y9)
Mr S Massey Temporary
Mrs S Cole Lead Practitioner/Assistant Director CSD
Mrs H Easton P/T
Mr S Hill  
Mr B White  
Miss N Lee Head of Department 
Mr J Ryder  
Mr S Lane  
Mr A Middleton Head of Department
Mr M Travis Assistant Head of Department
Miss S Kerfoot Postholder in Mathematics
Mr C Burgess  
Mr B Caldwell  
Mrs A Halliwell P/T
Mrs E O'Grady P/T
Mrs L Thomas P/T
Mrs A Halliwell  
Mrs C Turner  
Mrs K Westwell Director of Learning (Y11)
Mrs C Wilson  
Mrs C McGoldrick Head of Department
Mrs T Parry Assistant Head of Department
Miss P Asensio  
Miss N Hall Learning Development Leader (PP KS3)
Mrs R Outterside P/T
Mr P Masheder Head of Department
Mrs L Alvarado Director of Learning (Y7)
Mr N Edwards Music Technology (P/T)
Mrs J Leyland P/T
Vacancy Head of Department
Miss R Blakeley (Teacher of Dance)
Mr S Bradley P/T
Mrs D Mahon P/T
Mrs R Paul Head of PDC
Mr M Taylor Learning Development Leader (PP -KS4)
Mrs E Hooton Head of Department (Temp)
Mrs K Connelly Assistant Head of Department (Temp)
Mrs S Jackson  
Mr M Leather  
Mr A Reardon Director of Learning (Y8)
Mrs C Whitlow P/T
Miss C Brophy  Head of Department 
Mr K O'Callaghan Assistant Head of Department
Miss G Moran Postholder
Mr M Bhatti  
Ms L Duncan P/T
Mrs K Marston-Yim P/T
Mr A Mazaleem  
Miss A Middleham  
Mr L O'Donnell  
Mrs D Gilpin (Trainee Teacher)
Mrs L Burke Head of Department
Mrs A Bailey  
Mr S Morris  
Miss R Wood P/T
Mr M Webster SENCo
Mrs K Butler Assistant SENCo


Mrs S Chapman School Business Manager
Mrs M Ruane Chaplain
Mrs P Lennon  PA to SLT/HR Support/Clerk to Governors
Main School Office  
Miss M Clayton  Reprographics/Admin Assistant 
Mrs A Cunliffe Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Mrs K Chambers Finance Officer (P/T)
Mrs J Morgan Finance Officer (P/T)

Data, Examinations, SIMS Manager and Exams Officer

Mrs L Wilkes Data and Management Information Systems (MIS) Manager
Mrs T Jones Exams Officer, Data/SIMS Assistant 
Miss C Jones Admin Assistant, Cover, Exams & Data
Miss D Kelly Attendance Officer
Mrs J Joughin Attendance & Admin Assistant
Curriculum, Events and Educational Visits Coordinator  
Mrs C O'Shaughnessy  
Mrs D Davies Inclusion Team Manager
Mr D Hind Learning & Behaviour Mentor
Mrs D Collins Learning & Behaviour Mentor
Miss O Collins HLTA Working with the Inclusion Team
Mrs P McGuinness Pastoral Assistant/First Responder
Information Technology   
Mr J Hooton Network Manager
Mr D Heaton Assistant IT Network Manager
Mr M Scully ICT Technician 
Mr A Fitzpatrick ICT Technician
Miss N Bennett Level 2
Mrs S Birmingham  Level 2 (P/T)
Ms S Brady Level 2
Ms H Bradley Level 2
Miss T Brennan Level 2
Mr C Davies Level 3
Mrs C Shaw Level 2
Mrs L Littler Level 2
Mr A Matthews Level 2
Miss L Melling Level 2
Mrs S Murphy Literacy Co-ordinator
Mr J Moore Numeracy Co-ordinator
Mrs M O'Grady Level 2 (P/T)
Mrs J Phair Level 2
Ms G Stafford Level 2
Miss J Thorpe Level 2
Mrs L Thompson Level 2
Mr G Westhead Level 2
Mr M Webster  Level 2
Miss O Walsh Level 2
Miss C Taylor Level 3
Mr C Davies P/T
Mrs M Roche P/T
Mrs C Stanton SEN
Mrs G Stowell KS4 support
Technician Support  
Mrs S Bowen-Read School Librarian
Miss L Catterall Art & DT Technician
Mr S Macduff Cad-Cam and Technology Technician
Mrs V Young Senior Science Technician
Mrs J Cardiff Science Technician (P/T)/Temp
Site Management  
Mr D Cottington Premises Manager
Mr C Ellam Site Maintenance Assistant
Mr T Shield  Site Maintenance Assistant 
Mr G Inman Site Maintenance Assistant 


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