All pupils of St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School are expected to wear our approved school uniform, which is both smart and practical. We believe that this provides our students with a sense of identity and promotes a belonging within our school community.  We believe that first impressions are important and for this reason, we expect our students to present themselves in a smart, business-like appearance at all times. By consistently wearing our school uniform to the highest standards, students are not only presenting a positive image of our school community, but also of themselves as individuals. 

In order to meet the required standard, students are expected to wear our school uniform correctly, e.g. shirt tucked in, top button fastened, tie correctly worn and blazer sleeves rolled down. Furthermore, in meeting the expected standard for Personal Presentation, students must conform to the following requirements:-


  • Hair styles must be neat and tidy and of natural colour. (Haircuts shorter than a No 3 blade are not allowed.) Long hair for both boys and girls must be tied back at all times with a bobble that is school colour.
  • Fashionable extremes will not be permitted. This includes hair extensions, shaved heads, skin fading, pattern shaving, “mullet” cuts, unnatural or two-toned colours.  
  • Hair of different lengths must be blended.  
  • Mousse/gel/hairspray should not be used. 
  • Facial hair must not be visible. Pupils should be clean shaven. 
  • The use of make-up* is NOT acceptable – students wearing makeup which is visible will be expected to remove it.  This includes fake tan.
  • Nail varnish and the wearing of false nails is NOT allowed.
  • Piercings* are not allowed and ‘recent piercing’ will NOT be accepted as a reason for keeping jewellery in during the school day and MUST not be covered with plasters.

With regards to jewellery and personal items, students are allowed to wear a simple watch, but this must not be a SMART WATCH).  No other items of jewellery, piercings or personal items are permitted, this includes ear pods.


If any student is seen to be wearing more jewellery or personal items than is allowed in line with our policy on Personal Presentation, the member of staff concerned will confiscate the item in the first instance. The item will be put into an envelope, clearly labelled with the student’s name and it will be given to the appropriate Senior Learning Coordinator.


If any item is confiscated from the same student on more than one occasion in any half-term, Parents/Carers will be asked to collect the confiscated item from school.



All students are expected to wear our school uniform as required:













  • Green blazer with school badge
  • Grey school jumper with school badge (optional)
  • Shirt/Blouse: Plain white
  • Trousers: Plain black
  • Socks: Plain black
  • Skirt: Knee length grey with two inverted pleats (front and black). If a student would prefer to wear the trousers, then these MUST be the specified style with the school initials on the waist (in grey)
  • School tie
  • Socks: Grey knee length or grey opaque tights
  • Shoes: Sensible plain black


This MUST have a top button that is fastened at all times, worn correctly, ie tucked into skirt or trousers.


Students MUST ensure that the tie is worn to correct length; crest visible below tied knot.


This item MUST be a tailored style and must NOT be ‘skinny’, ‘slim fit’ or denim/fashion style.


This item MUST be worn at knee length and the style as provided by our suppliers only.  This MUST be the new style with two inverted pleats (front and back).


This optional item is only available from our approved suppliers.  This item MUST be the new style grey school jumper with the school badge.


This MUST be a plain black shoe without logos – high/wedge heels, boots, sandals, pumps, training/sports shoes, sports branded footwear (such as ‘Nike’) will NOT be allowed.  In snow, pupils may wear wellington boots/boots whilst travelling to and from school but will be expected to bring school shoes to change into once in school.

Outdoor Coat

Outside coats or jackets should be plain black, without any logos or motifs.  Outside coats or jackets must not be worn anywhere in the building.  In cold weather however, ONLY BLACK outside coats may be worn over the blazer at breaks and lunchtimes.

Please note:     Casual outer garments such as hoodies, sweatshirts, tracksuit tops baseball caps are not part of the SEA School Dress Code.  *Disclaimer:  The school reserves the right to make the final judgement on any of the above

For Design Technology (Boys and Girls)

  • White cotton craft apron for workshop activities.
  • Green and white striped tabard for Food Technology.
For Physical Education/(Core PE)
Pupils MUST ALWAYS HAVE THEIR FULL PE KIT.  Those pupils not participating in PE (for a valid reason, eg injury) MUST also have their FULL PE kit with them, as they will have a role in lessons as a coach, observer or referee.  All pupils are expected to have the required PE kit available from our approved suppliers. All items of kit must be named. Your child’s initials or first name must be embroidered/sewn/or printed on the right hand side of their polo-shirt and shorts.
Boys and Girls Indoor Kit
  • Black shorts with SEA badge and pupil initials (boys and girls)
  • Black leggings with SEA badge and pupil initials (girls only)
  • White polo short with SEA badge and pupil initials
  • Black socks (Football socks for boys)
  • Trainers suitable for indoor and Astroturf use (pumps, eg Converse, VANS are NOT allowed)                                                                           
Boys and Girls Outdoor Kit (in addition to indoor)                                                                                 
  • Red Hoodie with SEA badge and pupil initials 
  • Black tracksuit bottoms with SEA badge and pupil initials
  • Green reversible rugby shirt with SEA badge and pupil initials (boys only)
  • Studded boots (boys only)
  • Shin pad/guards (essential for Football and Hockey)
  • Mouth guard/gum shields are recommenced for Rugby and Hockey)
Please be aware that studded boots are essential for boys' outdoor lessons as training shoes DO NOT provide a sure enough footing on grass.  Pupils are encouraged to bring the required PE kit depending on the type of activity and weather.  Pupils will be allowed to wear base layers, gloves, etc.  IN ADDITION to their PE kit if the teacher deems it suitable.  Pupils may shower after every lesson if they wish and will need to bring necessary supplies to do so.


This is issued to every student – students MUST have their plan for every lesson. Parents and Carers are expected to monitor their child’s planner and sign it weekly


All students MUST have following items on a daily basis:

  • School bag – large enough to carry books and equipment
  • Pencil case with pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and coloured pencils



Pupil Uniform & Equipment



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