Where will we discover rest?


Christmas is a fantastic time of the year, where we look forward to celebrating with each other, whilst being reminded through our daily Advent prayers of the importance for this celebration.  However, even though we are not yet even in the middle of Advent, advertisements have long been…

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Where does the time go??

I can’t believe that we are in October already … what has happened to September? 

I am delighted to report that we have had an excellent start to the Autumn Term with all students returning to school, keen to start a new year of learning.  The attitude and behaviour of our students has been…

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Class of 2022, we salute you!

This is one of my favourite days in the whole school calendar, as we see the culmination of 5 years hard work in fabulous exam success.  We know the pupils don’t sleep much the night before they come to pick up their results, but when they collect their results, those nerves turn to relief and…

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Mr Dumican - Final Blog for 2021-22!

The end of this academic year is fast approaching, and I just wanted to extend a heart-felt ‘thank you’ for your ongoing support for all that we do here at ‘Eddies’ - and there is much to reflect on and be proud of!  

This year has been a particularly positive one in so many ways as we have…

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Goodbye and Good Luck to our Y11 students ...

It has been quite emotional in school this week as our Year 11 pupils had their last full day in school on Wednesday.  They have now started their ‘study leave’ and will only come into school for their GCSE examinations. 

At lunch time we held a Staff Vs Pupils football game on the all-weather…

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Thinking of Others ... Update

Following the theme of my most recent Headteacher’s Blog “Thinking of Others”, I would like to congratulate 2 Y9 students, Noah Greenhalgh and Jason Buckley who came to show me the fantastic pieces work that they had created on the theme of the Holocaust memorial.

Their class teacher, Mr Linton…

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Thinking of Others

The month of March started with a request that was sent out to our school community for donations to help the terrible crisis in Ukraine.  We were truly humbled by everyone’s efforts and the sheer volume of goods that were dropped off at school to be taken across to the Polis School in…

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“In February there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret.” 

- Patience Strong

February is the shortest month on the calendar and sometimes after the busy time following Christmas and New Year we are grateful for this, so that we can enjoy the half-term break to re-charge our batteries.

However, we shouldn't lose focus of the fact that February is a…

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Welcome Back to a former student, Jo Collins

There has been a real 'buzz' around the staff and pupils this week as we have had a special visitor delivering our assemblies. I have been delighted to welcome back to the school one of the most well thought of and respected pupils ever to attend our school, Joe Collins. Jo gave up his time to…

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Think about all the different reasons you might hold someone's hand

During my drive into school every day, I reflect on lots of things that are taking place in my life whilst listening to the radio.  During this time of year, one of the constant reminders that Christmas is coming are the Christmas songs that are played throughout December, which are a modern…

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Bring that Effort Every Single Day

This quotation is so simple, yet effective and is one message that we want to resonate throughout our school community.
... it's about bringing that effort every single day
If you put the effort in, you get the results you deserve and our job is to help our young people to also…
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Welcome to the start of another exciting year of learning

From Y7 pupils to Y11 pupils - getting ready for a new academic year is exciting and daunting in equal measure. I will let you into a little secret – teachers experience exactly the same feelings!  

I like to use a joke for Y7 parents which I've borrowed from Mr Eyes, former Deputy Headteacher…

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